The Best Socks For Men

Choosing The Best Socks For Men

When it comes to clothing, do not get frugal with socks (undies, too). Think about it: socks prevent blistering, odor, and help keep your feet dry in the middle of Summer. You need to appreciate your socks, man! To help, we found a handful of the best socks for men that can stand up to even the rankest of feet (we’re looking at you, buddy).


Thirty48 RU Light ($14)

These socks by Thirty48 are designed for runners, which means that they wick moisture more effectively than other socks and have extra cushioning for added comfort.


2XU Compression Performance Run Sock ($8)

These compression socks were designed to increase blood flow, minimize swelling and muscle fatigue, and they also boast extra support.


Jude Stripe Dress Sock ($16)

Jude’s dress socks feature “zoned ventilation” (sounds fancy!), which keeps your feet dry, and theirĀ “InvisiGrip technology keeps them from scrunching up, so they’ll stay up through every embarrassing wedding dance you put them through.