Boxing betting in Germany is growing: everything you need to know about how boxing betting works

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As Germany becomes more open in regards to the regulation of the betting industry and it comes closer to liberalizing the market with the new Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG 2021), more and more sports are gradually gaining popularity amongst bettors and are getting into the more mainstream wager habits. Boxing, which is a popular sport in the country, is picking up in terms of betting volume and top betting sites in Germany have grasped the opportunity and offer a considerably wide range of betting markets for boxing events to address the growth.

According to recent statistics, Germany ranks in the eighth position in the list of countries where boxing popularity is high – with the US being in the first place rather obviously and the UK in the third place!

Sports’ popularity in a market that is becoming more liberalized is followed by sports’ betting popularity as well (especially when there is a favorable and clear-cut regulatory framework). So, boxing betting in Germany is expected not only to sustain its present upward trend, but extend and further fuel its growth.

Boxing betting is not that different from betting on other sports. However, there are some basic aspects which are useful to know for those who are interested in understanding how boxing betting works.

Key markets in boxing betting

In boxing, punters can place wagers on so many different events of any given match. Provided that it is a sport featuring a one-on-one confrontation of professional boxers, bettors can place simple and straightforward wagers on who will win the fight, how the winner will take over the opponent or how long the match will last. These are actually the basic markets in boxing, typically found in the vast majority of online betting sites.

But there is more to boxing betting, which makes it even more interesting. Punters can bet on the exact round that the outright winner will take the opponent, or the total rounds to be fought by the professional boxers or even the exact method of victory of the bout.

This last market – the method of victory – is actually becoming very popular lately, as it is highly emphasized by online sportsbooks and it is usually offered at very attractive prices and with very appealing options. Punters can choose whether there will be knockout, a technical knockout, a disqualification or a victory by decision or technical decision.

In fact, online bookmakers often let users pick among even more detailed propositions on the method of victory such as: whether there will be a unanimous decision, a split decision or a majority decision among judges. These all, literally enrich the betting options for punters and offer them the chance to engage with the sport while at the same time they also push their excitement over the edge.

And of course, what is also extremely appealing and enticing is live betting. Punters no longer need to make their predictions only in advance to a bout, but they can place their wagers live as the bout unfolds. During a boxing fight it is certain that odds can change – a favorite in the beginning of the fight can lose their triumph potentials within the match if the opponent fights better or if the opponent is in a better shape – and what is more challenging and fun than being able to bet based on the fight’s progress?

Important tips for boxing betting

Understanding how boxing betting works is crucial, but it is even more crucial to have in mind some tips when you decide to place wagers on a boxing fight.

* Do a background research on the professional boxers of the given fight. Check their styles, their abilities, their previous matchups, their fighting records and their overall physical condition and shape.

* Don’t chase the favorite in a bout, because most often betting on favorites has little interest from a winning perspective – they usually have a small payout, which means that you need to bet a lot to win a small amount and yet this is not guaranteed. Go for the ‘value’ that has greater payouts. Remembering these two is the key takeaway once you decide to bet on a sport that is so interesting, fun, exciting and entertaining to watch!