The Impact of the Top Entertainment Trends Among Men

The range of entertainment available for men is wider than it’s ever been. By looking at some of the most interesting trends, we can see how our options have changed. We can then see how new and classic ways of being entertained are changing our habits.

More Men Are Playing Bingo Online

The most recent estimates suggest that as many as 100 million people play bingo across the planet. It’s traditionally been viewed as more of a women’s game and some sources suggest that women still make up 75% of all players. However, the number of men playing bingo is said to be growing since the game moved online.

We can see how it’s possible to play free bingo online and this level of convenience may be one of the key reasons more men are trying to get a full house in their leisure time. Bingo sites also offer a variety of themed games, such as the Deal or No Deal version, that make it easier for new players to find something that suits them. Promotions such as happy hours and daily cash prizes offer other eye-catching reasons for men to give it a try.

Going Out to See Movies

Movie theaters have been reporting modest increases in their attendance in the last couple of years but it isn’t clear if men are driving the numbers or not. In fact, the popularity of watching movies on a night out varies by country, with more men going in some countries but being outnumbered in others.

In Australia, the 50 years and over age group is the only demographic where more women than men visit movie theaters, according to Screen Australia. The numbers on Statista suggest that 46% of men go to the movies regularly, but only 37% of women said that they do the same. Both genders are quite close in the UK’s numbers, with the BFI reporting that attendances are slowly increasing across the board.


Streaming Movies and TV and Home

While going out to watch movies is still popular, the easy availability of streaming services means that many of us now watch our favorites at home. The most recent survey in the US was held in 2020 and revealed that 32% of men and 27% of women stream movies daily. The men who took part were more likely to watch sports shows too, while women viewed more regular TV shows.

When it comes to the total amount of television time, numbers from 2022 collected on Statista show that men lead the way with 3.06 hours, ahead of women who watch for two and a half hours each day. Meanwhile, the UK’s figures are from 2021 and show men watching 167 minutes of TV each day compared to the 191 minutes that women spend in front of the screen.

As our entertainment options become more convenient and easier to personalize, it’s going to be fascinating to watch how these numbers change and men across the planet decide how they prefer to spend their leisure time.