Buy This: 8bitdo SNES30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller

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The 8bitdo gamepad celebrates the 30th anniversary of the SNES by providing the retro design of the original controller. And no, you don’t need to dig through your closet to find your old console; the 8bitdo gamepad connects to smartphones and tablets both wirelessly via Bluetooth or with a USB port for use with your Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS (including iPhone , iTouch , iPad , Samsung Note 2 , Galaxy series , Android Pad , Windows XP ,vista , Windows 7, etc.).

Compatibility & Connectivity
The 8bitdo SNES30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller is compatible with a multitude of platforms. It’s designed for use with the Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Android and Raspberry Pi systems. You can even connect it to the original NES Classic Edition or Super NES Classic Edition system using a wireless USB dongle (sold separately). Plus, you can connect up to 4 controllers simultaneously so you can play with your friends!

Durability & Design
This controller is designed for ultimate durability. The buttons are pressure-sensitive and responsive and will last through years of heavy gaming sessions. The ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hands so you won’t get fatigued after hours of playing your favorite games. And don’t worry about the battery running out mid-game; this controller boasts an 18-hour battery life on a single charge!

Features & Functions
This controller has plenty of features that make it ideal for gaming novices and pros alike. It includes motion controls as well as support for rumble vibration and turbo functions—allowing you to customize your gaming experience however you like! Plus, it has adjustable sensitivity settings so you can switch up your control style depending on what type of game you’re playing. And if that wasn’t enough, it also includes a Home button that allows you to instantly access your console’s home menu from anywhere on its operating system!

Download games through the app store and enjoy up to 20 hours of playtime on one charge of the 8bitdo’s 480mAh lithium-ion battery. More info here …