Bye-Bye Beer Belly… Hello Sexy New Me!

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A euphemism is defined as “a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.” It is no wonder then that we have invented a whole range of euphemisms for the unbecoming rolls of fat around our midsections that torment so many of us, as belly fat is both unpleasant and embarrassing, not to mention ugly AF.

In case you don’t catch my drift, let me remind you of just a few of the cutesy names we’ve given our protruding tummies; muffin tops, love handles, beer belly, dad bod, ring a bell? But let’s just call a spade a spade, there is absolutely nothing cutesy about the stubborn roll of flab that plops over the waistband of our jeans and spoils the look of even the smartest clothes.

The belly starts off small, just a little extra pinch of flab that is barely even there, but if you ignore it and don’t do anything about it, it will get out of control sooner than you can imagine. Some people claim that they like the little extra something something to hold on to in their partners, but let’s be honest, they would like a hot sexy body even more, so quit deluding yourself and get serious.

If you would like to know how to get rid of love handles once and for all, here’s some useful information that may help.

The Basic Formula
Most fitness newbies work under the assumption that simply doing crunches will get rid of the belly bloat. They then proceed to do abdominal workouts repeatedly, doing several variations of crunches incessantly before getting frustrated at the lack of visible results. At this point most people either throw in the towel or go to find professional help from a personal trainer. In fact, belly fat is the single most common reason why people consult trainers or join gyms. You could avoid all this hassle if you keep in mind one basic thing when it comes to your belly flab.  

If you have been doing crunches, that’s all well and good. Properly executed crunches do indeed tone your abdominal muscles, but love handles aren’t composed of muscle! The roll of fat you’re trying to get rid of is just that… fat! To burn fat, you need to create a calorie deficit by means of a healthy diet and rigorous cardiovascular exercise.

When you control your food intake and engage in regular cardio exercises, your body will burn fat. It is only when the layer of fat melts away that your abdominal muscles will be revealed. Then you can use crunches and other workouts to tone and sculpt your abdomen.

Here are a few simple yet effective exercises that will help to melt belly fat faster and sculpt the muscles that lie underneath to reveal a sexy new you.

1. Power Walking

Walking is the simplest yet one of the most effective forms of cardio. Going for regular walks keeps you fit and heart healthy. While a slow leisurely walk is still better than sitting on the couch, a brisk walk, or a power walk is the real MVP. If you add a regular 30-to-50-minute walk to your daily routine and couple that with a healthy and balanced diet, you will see the extra body fat just melt away.

Even a half hour walk in the fresh air can do wonders for your metabolism and mood. If you are otherwise homebound by weather or other limitations, you can even pace around your home, or use a treadmill if you have access to one. A brisk walk reduces fat all over your body and especially around your belly.

2. Zumba

Zumba is the fun, younger cousin of aerobics. Zumba is a form of HIIT or high intensity workouts that are not only calorie burning beasts, but are also some of the most fun workouts ever made.

Zumba is great at improving cardiovascular fitness, heart health, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and melting belly fat quickly. On an average, you can burn anywhere from 9 to 15 calories a minute doing Zumba, which is far higher than the calories burnt per minute in other forms of cardio exercises like pilates, power yoga, aerobics or cardio kickboxing.

So if you love dancing and music, try doing some Zumba, the workout that doesn’t feel like a punishment and does wonders for your fat loss and health.

3. Cycling

Cycling is another fun and effective way to burn through belly fat. While it may require a slightly higher fitness level to do consistently for longer durations, you can slowly build up your stamina. If you learnt how to ride a bicycle as a child, you can do it today even if you haven’t cycled for years.

You never forget how to ride a bike. Cycling is a great exercise as it gets your heart rate up and burns a ton of calories, all the while letting you enjoy the fresh wind on your face. If you don’t have access to a suitable cycling space outdoors, a stationary bike can also do the trick. In addition to belly fat, cycling also helps you to trim your thighs, waist and legs. You can exercise as you commute if you start riding your bicycle to nearby places.

4. Aerobic Workouts

Aerobic workouts are the classic and original cardio workout. Simple and highly effective in burning calories, aerobic workouts also keep you supple. You can join a local class to do it as a social activity, or you can even do it at home with an exercise video. Many gyms also offer high intensity aerobic workout classes. These workouts are great at melting away body fat. 

Final Words

Please keep in mind that the views expressed in the article are not a substitute for medical advice. The content of this article provides generic advice and should not be treated as qualified medical opinion. Before you embark on any new exercise routine you should always consult your own doctor or a specialist.