A Phone Charger That Fits In Your Wallet

The ChargeCard

Yes, the ChargeCard ($10 @ Amazon.com) is a paper-thin gadget that fits inside of your wallet. No, it isn’t a high-tech, higher-APR Visa that will help you bury yourself under a crushing mountain of credit-card debt. Instead, it’s a compact, cable-free USB charger for an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android device. Stashing the credit-card sized charger in your overstuffed Costanza wallet eliminates the need to track down or haul around the proper cord when your device is running on fumes. Instead, all you need to track down is a USB port.

The one drawback? Whether because of its compact size or because its creators want to make as much cash as possible with their invention, the ChargeCard is not a universal charger. That means that if you want a ChargeCard but own an iPad and an Android phone, you’ll have to purchase two ChargeCards. Still, it’ll be worth it next time your phone is out of juice and you don’t happen to have a USB cord in your pocket.