Class Your Pad Up With These Gigantic Baseball Cards


Some of the same Topps baseball cards you collected as a kid — and stupidly didn’t sell 10 or 15 years ago when the market was at its peak — can now be displayed, gigantically, on your wall. Topps Archive Prints have taken more than 1,000 old baseball cards featuring retro ballers like Wade Boggs, Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken Jr., Tony Gwynn, Gary Carter, and Reggie Jackson, and done blowed them up. And if you want to get into sport card collecting, it’s easy to get started!

Unframed, each print measures up at 17.25” x 21.35” ($65) or 23” x 31” ($100). If you’re looking to add a frame — and if it’s going to be hung anywhere but your unfinished basement or your childhood room at your parents’ house, you should — you can figure an additional $85 for the smaller prints and $150 for the larger prints. Unfortunately, Topps has pre-selected the cards they’ll posterize, so if you’re hoping to get a gigantic print of Nolan Ryan hanging brain or Pete LaCock … well, just standing there with “Pete LaCock” underneath his photo, you’re as out of luck as a guy whose name is Peter LaCock.

Also, don’t expect any gigantic, obsidian-hard, flavorless sticks of gum when you unwrap your poster. We begged asked and were informed that they’re not included in the purchase price.