Cool Cookbooks For Guys: Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

guy cooking thug kitchenCooking with vegetables can be tricky for guys typically who rely on  salty and fatty processed food to feed a huge spare tire. But it’s a good idea to get into the habit of eating fresh whole foods on a daily basis if you like to live and don’t want to suffer through awful things like heart disease. But with veggies, you can easily overcook them and turn ’em soggy, which means you won’t eat ’em. And undercooked, they taste like, well, veggies.

A new book in the Thug Kitchen 101 series, Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck ($18 @” provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to cook simple yet healthy recipes, using colorful vegetables you think about eating but never do. In the book, the LA-based authors offer over 100 simple and healthy recipes for even the most basic cooks.

The cookbook not only gives you instructions for how to cook but shares the benefits of using ingredients such as chickpeas. You can learn more about how vegetables can benefit your physical, mental, and emotional health.




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So what if you don’t have a Michelin star. You can still cook decent meals that don’t take up a lot of time.

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