Screw The Nosebleeds! Use SuiteHop Instead

what is suithop

What: SuitHop (

What you get: No more nosebleed seats or squeezing your oversized arse into bleacher seats built for micro-sized children. With SuiteHop you can buy access to luxury seats for business or private events using the site’s suite marketplace. The site offers listings of private and shared suites for NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, Concerts, Soccer, or MLB. Choose what you want and BOOM! you’re on your way. The suites typically come with insanely comfortable seating options, such as sofas, love seats, or bar stools, for anywhere between 10 and 30 people. Catered foods are sometimes included, but guests more than likely have the option of purchasing food from catering services or from concession stands.

Cost: Pricing for each suite is set by the owners and varies based on the venue and location. The website offers all-in pricing options, meaning no additional taxes or fees are added to the costs. You might also want to compare with another service like StubHub if the price seems high.

A good service for: Bachelor parties, PR events, spending other people’s money

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