8 Cool Oven Mitts (That’s Right — Oven Mitts)

bacon oven mitt for guys Bacon Oven Mitt ($13.50 @ Amazon.com)
Since bacon is ubiquitous these days, of course there are bacon oven mitts. Made of neoprene and measuring 10” long by 7” wide, you can bring home the bacon even when you’re cooking something boring, like, uh, vegetables. Yawn.

oven mitts for guys moose headBoston Warehouse Oven Mitt($9 @ Amazon.com) 
Boston Warehouse has a ridiculous selection of novelty oven mitts. Whether you want a lobster claw, a moose head, or — yes, really — a hibiscus plant, these quilted cotton, nine-inch long mitts will keep your guests entertained and keep your hands from falling off.

personalizedBags of Love Personalized Oven Mitt ($38.00 @ Amazon.com)
While it’s a slightly weird concept to us, maybe you’re a true family man who enjoys cooking with his loved ones’ faces pressed against boiling hot surfaces. Alternatively, you could be a vengeful asshole who’ll use this opportunity to put the face of your enemy on your oven mitts solely to burn the crap out of their faces. To each his own. Bags of Love makes personalized oven mitts — 12” by 8” with cotton insulation for protection from heat, naturally — for the family dude and the drunkard alike, crafting their products in London.

X-Ray Oven Mitt ($12 @ Amazon.com)
Not you don’t have to think about which bone you’re looking at when you scorch a hole in your hand with a shitty old oven mitt!

Power Mitt ($15.00)
The Power Glove was released in 1989 by Mattel for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a notoriously crappy controller accessory; difficult to use, imprecise, basically worthless and expensive. Still, somehow the Power Glove managed to gain and retain a popularity among gamers — a popularity that has led to inevitable nostalgia 20-something years later. (Goddam hipsters!) That said, the Power Mitt, produced by Fangamer, is riding on a wave of nostalgia and bringing the people what they want: an oven mitt reminiscent of the Power Glove that works way better than the original Power Glove ever did.

Let’s take a look at why these mitts are so great.

Heat Resistant Material
Cool oven mitts are made of a special material that is designed to resist heat without trapping it. This allows you to handle hot items without feeling any discomfort or burning your hands on contact. The material also helps prevent steam from entering the glove, which can make it difficult to grip items securely when removing them from the oven.

Non-Slip Grip
These mitts also have a non-slip grip on both sides that helps keep your grip secure when handling hot items. This means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping something or having it slip out of your hand while transferring it from one place to another. In addition, cool oven mitts come in different colors and designs, so you can find something that fits your style and personality!

Easy Clean Up
Cleaning these types of mitts is easy because they are machine washable and dryer friendly. So, after each use, just give them a quick rinse with some soap and water and pop them in the washing machine or dryer for a few minutes before using them again! They are also lightweight which makes them easy to store in any kitchen drawer or cupboard without taking up too much space.