5 Great Stocking Stuffers Under $65


tego#1. Tego 3-in-1 USB Data Cable ($30 @ Amazon.com)
Ideal for travelers who want to condense the cords they carry, this 3-in-1 cable can charge your smartphone, iPhone, tablet, camera, and MP3 player. However, if you need separate cords, there’s always … 

recoil cord winder#2. Recoil Cord Winder ($10 @ Amazon.com)
Keep cords and USB wires neat and organized — on the cheap. That means no more bundled cords in your pocket or messenger bag. Just wind it up and allow the Recoil to do its job.

goonies#3. Goonies ($5 DVD / $8 Blu-ray)
Along with seeing Samwise Gamgee before he was Rudy, and one of the worst mothers of all time, there’s also, a one-eyed pirate, a treasure hunt, a chick with a boy haircut, the Truffle Shuffle, and … Sloth!