These Creepy Baby Masks Shall Haunt Your Dreams

Super Creepy Masks

If you’re looking to impress your next date from (Yes, it’s a real dating site — since when did you become so judgmental?), one of these ultra-realistic and super terrifying Creepy Baby Masks ($350) will most definitely do it.

Each handmade latex baby head is made to order, but you get only three options for what haunting depiction of an unhappy child you want to terrify friends and family with: Horrified Baby (above, left), Melting-Down Baby (above, right) or Sloth From the Goonies When He Was a Baby … Baby (above, middle). As an added bonus, each mask comes with a display stand, so when you’re not ruining the days of everyone who sees you when you’re wearing the mask, you can ruin the days of all of your house guests or coworkers. Remember, Halloween is just around the corner!

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