16 Bizarre Things You Can Actually Buy On Amazon.com

runny nose dispenser

We love Amazon.com. We have a Prime account. We stream movies. We buy lots of stuff, some of which we actually need or use. However, if you spend enough time on Amazon you begin to realize that, damn! There’s tons of weird shit on there. Some of it cool, and some of it, well …

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vintage wonder woman scissorsTake the snotty nose soap dispenser ($6 @ Amazon.com) at the top of the page. Totally weird, right? But to some of us — the mature ones, obviously  — it’s kind of cool. Just like these vintage 1978 Wonder Woman scissors ($15 @ Amazon.com) 

As strange or useless or kind of cool as those are, here are 14 more…

 crusty zombie toenails#3. Crusty Zombie Toenails ($8 @ Amazon.com)
Who knew zombie skin and nails could be delicious — and nutritious?

unicorn-meat#4. Unicorn Meat ($20 @ Amazon.com)
Tastier than Spam or a rubber tire, but for snobs who refuse to eat dead unicorn, there’s always Dragon Meat ($14 @ Amazon.com).


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