Dating Safety Rules That Could Save Your Life

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Dating can be fun and exciting, but the unfortunate reality is that it could also be dangerous if you don’t take steps to keep yourself safe. Check out the dating safety rules below so you can navigate the dating world like a pro while maintaining your personal security. 

Always Run a Background Check First

After meeting someone for the first time, whether it’s in person, online, or on a mature dating app, it’s a good idea to run a thorough background check to see if they really are who they say they are. After all, people could easily keep secrets from you, especially if they have a criminal past, and if you aren’t alerted to these concerns right away, you might become the victim of a scammer, an abuser, or a thief. 

These days, running a background check is super simple. Head to Nuwber, and then type in the person’s name, address, email address, or phone number to see what information comes up. You can learn about any properties that they own, where they have lived, if they have a criminal record or lawsuits, and more. And if you notice anything is amiss, you can cut your connection to that person immediately to keep yourself safe. 

Let Your Family or Friends Know About the Person

In addition to running a background check on the person, it’s also wise to let your family and friends know about the person. Simply letting them know that you met someone, and that you are planning on going on a date with them on a particular day and time is smart because, in case anything happens to you, they will know who you were with, and they will know where you were supposed to be, as well as what time you were supposed to be home. In addition to letting them know about where you’ll be, though, give them your date’s contact information and full name too, just in case.

Meet in Public Places, and Use Your Own Transportation

Until you really get to know someone, it’s best to meet in a public place when you go out on dates. This can help keep you safe because you will be surrounded by other people, rather than in a private setting like your home or your date’s home.  

In addition to meeting in public places, another dating safety tip is to use your own form of transportation to get there. That could mean driving yourself, taking a taxi or an Uber, or using public transportation. This will prevent you from getting into the other person’s car, and it will also give you a chance to get away quickly if you need to. 

Head Out on a Group Date

Consider bringing at least one friend along on your date to help you stay safe when meeting someone new. Your friend can also be an extra set of eyes to check for signs that your date can’t be trusted, and to ensure date rape drugs aren’t put into your food or drink. 

Take These Dating Safety Tips Seriously

No matter how charming someone might seem, it’s important to be aware that dating can come with serious risks if the person isn’t being genuine. So, take the tips above seriously, and be sure to implement them the next time you are meeting someone for a date and you are still getting to know them.