Delete Pages: Remove PDF Pages Using PDFBear

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The Portable Document Format, or PDF for short, is one of the most widely used formats of today. Moreover, pdf is one of the best file types for working from home or in the office. It is no wonder, for it comes with a lot of pros. For one, pdf retains the exact data and format of the original file. Next, it is secured. Unlike other frequently used document formats, a pdf cannot be altered or modified easily. 

Those stated above are only some of the reasons many preferred a pdf over other file types. However reliable a pdf is, there are instances that users need to eliminate or delete it or some pages from the entire file. Nonetheless, when dealing with such a process, PDFBear is here for you. Delete pages from your document with this user-friendly tool. 

All About PDFBear and its Delete PDF Feature 

PDFBear is an online-based software that showcases all types of necessary tools for managing or fixing pdf files. One of them is the Delete PDF tool. As its name suggests, this tool is used to delete pages from pdf files. Yes, remove or eliminate erroneous or unessential pages or parts from your document. 

PDFBear is a straightforward tool. Moreover, it is easy–to–follow steps perfect for beginners or first-time users. Delete pages from pdf in no time with PDFBear. To start the process of removing pages, follow these simple instructions. 

First Step: Upload Your File 

The first thing you need is to select the file you need to edit. PDFBear will require you to upload this file to the server. You have two options for uploading. You can browse manually through your device by hitting the “Select Files” icon or drag and drop the file into the toolbox. 

Second Step: Select Pages for Removal 

The second step requires choosing the page or pages you want to remove from the file. You must be extra careful at this stage. Review what and how many pages you selected. Would you please make sure they are the ones you need to remove?

Third Step: Apply the Changes 

Once you are done reviewing, hit the “Apply Changes “button. Now, the deletion process starts immediately. Just sit and relax. PDFBear will edit your document within a minute. It’s important to note that a strong internet connection speeds up this already quick process. 

Fourth Step: Download and Save Your Newly Edited File 

Once the tool finishes the deletion process, you can download and save your edited document. In this stage, you also have options. Either you keep it on your device, or you may share or store it on your online storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

There you have it, delete pages from pdf easily. PDFBear is the ultimate tool you need. Just type it on the browser, and you are good to go. You can enjoy this tool for free!

The PDFBear’s PRO Version

PDFBear is always free. It is always accessible on the web. Nonetheless, if you want to maximize using all its tools, you can always consider subscribing to the PRO version. Your subscription will give you unlimited access to all its utilities.  

How much would it cost you? This subscription is at 14.99 US Dollars per month. However, you can save up to sixty percent (60%) if you avail of the annual membership, which amounts to 99.99 USD. 

How Secure is PDFBear? 

This tool provides a secured removal process and ensures the best–quality results. How can this be possible? PDFBear holds your security and confidentiality with the highest regard. In line with this, it utilizes an advanced security system. This system protects your uploaded files. In particular, 256-Bit SSL Encryption is a superior technology used for safeguarding files on the server. 

In addition, PDFBear utilizes another technology that regularly monitors its servers, checking leftover files. The technology automatically and permanently deletes all files one hour after you uploaded your document. 

Create and Manage Your Files Using These Tools from PDFBear

1.Convert PDF to Other File Types

If you need to change a pdf to other formats for easy access and editing, use the PDF editor from this file management tool. PDFBear can help you do such a process with ease. 

2. Merge or Split Files

With PDFBear arranging your files is very convenient. Combine several files into one document or split a larger file into individual pages. 

3. Protect PDF 

This PDF protection tool employs the latest technology in applying a password to any of your pdf files. To use this feature, you need to upload them into PDFBear’s conversion tool. 


If you want a hassle-free process to delete pages from pdf, use PDFBear. With this tool deleting, converting, splitting, and merging, among many others, are quick and easy. PDFBear is a perfect choice for optimizing and editing your pdf. Moreover, the security it provides will give you peace of mind.