Dental Fillings: Things You Need to Know Before Going to Dentist

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Are you planning on getting a dental filling? Do you want to know more about what dental filling entails? Then, this post is just for you. An effective way to repair teeth is through a dental filling. Anyone planning on getting a dental filling will find this post to be helpful. Thousands of people get dental fillings done every day and you are not alone.

You might face dental anxiety which is common among many people. It is the fear of having work done on your teeth. The truth is that it is this fear that prevents people from going to a dentist and deters them from getting a treatment early which could help save you thousands of dollars. Do not make the mistake of putting a dental appointment on delay. If you have a cavity or any other issue, then it is imperative to see a Dentist in Chattanooga. By putting off the problem, it would only make matters worse. Continue reading if you are suffering from dental anxiety and have a dental filling appointment.

Initial Examination

In order to determine whether you require a filling, dentists conducts an initial examination of your teeth to check is there is any minor fracture or cavity. The initial examination tends to be quick and allows the dentist to find out any issues with your teeth and if it could lead to potential infection, decay, or pain. Normally, dentists use a metal instrument to check your teeth’s strength or a dye to discover areas of teeth decay. As the process is easy and barely takes up any time, there is nothing to worry about. An x-ray might need to be taken in case of damage in order to check its overall impact. The x-ray is crucial because it shows where the fracture or decay is. After the examination has been performed, the dentist will understand which technique will bring your teeth to their former glory. A separate appointment will need to be scheduled in such a case.

The Procedure of Dental Filling

When going for a dental filling appoint, there is not a lot that you need to do. The procedure tends to be non-invasive. Hence, you do not have to fast. Continue brushing your teeth as usual and head for your appointment. If you are dealing with dental anxiety, then it might be a good idea to schedule the appointment in the morning so that you do not end up worrying about the procedure during the day. The time required for a dental filling depends on the complexity of the condition as well as how many teeth have to be filled. For a single filling, it takes less than 60 minutes. This means that you can still head to work or school.

When Do You Require a Filling? clarifies the necessity as when plaque or even food particles remain in your teeth for a long time due to incomplete brushing, it leads to bacteria accumulating in your teeth and causes acid to be released. The acid and toxins become dissolved in your enamel which causes your teeth to discolor depending on how much acid is dissolved. Decay causes your teeth to have discolored areas, dark spots, areas of your teeth to be chipped off, and holes in your teeth. You can also feel when there is tooth decay as you will feel mild sensitivity when you drink cold water.

How Is Filling Material Selected By the Dentist?

When it comes to dental fillings, the type of filling material impacts the effectiveness of the procedure. In the past, filling materials used to be cement or silver amalgam. These days, composite material which is a type of plastic is most commonly used. Initially, the composite material is soft, but it hardens when it is bonded to your teeth chemically with UV light.

The Cost of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings tend to be expensive in the United States, especially if your insurance does not cover dental fillings/ dental care and if you do not have insurance in the first place. Other parts of the world offer cheaper dental fillings. The costs of fillings depends entirely on the amount of tooth structure remaining, the filling size, experience and skill of the dentist, and the type of material used. Moreover, the amount of times you visit the dentist also influences the overall cost of dental fillings. You could easily end up paying hundreds of dollars for dental fillings in the United States.