Dental Hygiene Tips to Help You Smile with Confidence


When thinking about our physical appearance, many of us would like to smile with confidence and have those pearly whites every day, am I right?

However, are you anything like me and feel that when you go to the dentist is the only time you have those “white” teeth?

Therefore, when it comes to keeping your teeth and mouth in good check, here are my tips on the dental and oral hygiene steps you can take to help you create a glistening smile and a morale boost.

Make that booking with your dentist

As much as many of us may dislike the thought of booking this type of medical appointment, scheduling a check-up with your trusted dental clinic could help you avoid many to the doctor in the end.

Your local dentist can help identify these issues caused by eroded tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the body and it can often help many other health issues be picked up, such as cavities, tooth decay and abscesses, usually in how our smile looks.

While calcium helps to harden the enamel, lost enamel can’t regenerate, as it is not living tissue.

Therefore, it is wise to attend your dentist at least twice a year and raise any concerns you may have regarding your oral health.

Floss regularly:

This is probably another one some of us admit to not making a routine when it comes to oral health. I will put my hand up and admit it.

However, flossing your teeth regularly is important, as it not only removes excess food that may not have been ground down during the chewing process but also helps to prevent gum inflammation and overall gum disease.

Hence, use some flossing toothpicks or stringed floss and guide your teeth in a C shape along with each tooth, moving to a clean section of floss/new pick each tooth.

Doing this at least once a day will help prevent bacteria from growing and keep your teeth healthy.

Avoid over-brushing:

While the enamel on your teeth is exceptionally tough, it is possible to erode your teeth from too much brushing.

It is wise to treat your tooth enamel like an eggshell. It may be hard, but apply too much pressure and you can be doing more harm than good.

While it is good to brush between meals, it is best if you wait at least 60 minutes after eating, in case you have consumed any acidic foods or beverages.

Kick Bad habits:

If you want to keep your teeth robust and in good condition, it is best to strive forward in cutting out or down on certain bad habits.

Whether this is an obvious one, such as smoking, which aside from being harmful to your health, can stain and discolour your teeth; to that such as one a person may do subconsciously, such as nail biting or teeth grinding against each other.

While the latter can be caused by other factors such as nerves and anxiety, your teeth are best used only for consuming your food.

Spit don’t rinse out your toothpaste:

When it comes to brushing, fluoride is important for your teeth. The concentrated version in toothpaste helps fight potential decay and helps rebuild them.

Therefore, resist the urge to rinse, and spit out excess toothpaste instead. This will help to keep the remainder intact, holding on to its preventative effects for longer.


Hence, dear readers, I hope I have given you some dental care advice that will help boost your confidence and have you strolling along with a beaming smile.