Divorce Coach: 3 Things a Divorce Coach Can Do for You

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Getting married and then divorced are two very complicated things to do. This is why, when marrying the one you love, you may need the services of a wedding planner – because you can’t do everything on your own.

On the other hand, when divorcing the one you don’t love anymore, you may want to consult a divorce coach, as they can be much more helpful than you think.

Naturally, they can’t compare with comprehensive legal advice or with the services of a child custody law firm – in case you need one – but they can be of great help during the entire divorce process.

Let’s take a look at three of the things a divorce coach can do for you!

Proper Organization

During a divorce, you may not be able to function properly – due to your feelings – and, as a result, you can mess up some of the required paperwork. Even though you can contact legal aid societies or use software to help you with the paperwork, there are situations when you may need more than just help.

For example, a divorce coach can set up almost anything related to your divorce – tax navigation, child support issues, and so on. Unlike legal aid societies that come with a low cost – sometimes those are even free – a divorce coach will cost you a bit more, but they can help you with everything you need!

Holding Your Hand

As mentioned above, your emotions and feelings may not be in a proper state while going through a divorce. For example, all you want to do is sob and hope it will end sooner, while your family or friends would make you consider a real legal battle with your ex.

When more feelings are in play, a divorce coach can come in very handy, as he or she will be able to present you with a different way of thinking at your divorce. This is because divorce coaches are seen as guides – not therapists or legal counselors. 

Their main job is to provide their clients with a supportive, safe, patient, and nonjudgmental environment that can help them make the best decisions. 

Pre-Legal Advice

It is well known that a lot of people that employ divorce coaches do so to limit the time they spend talking to their lawyers. This is because a lawyer will mostly care about the legal advice that they can give you and how they can help you be better.

On the other hand, a divorce coach can be the one to hear you vent and complain about your ex – and they also won’t bill you as much as a lawyer. 

In short, a divorce coach can be seen as a supporting character in your divorce story. While the proper lawyer will help you settle your case, the coach will be able to tell you if you do something wrong or bad, or if you should ask more from your ex in terms of rights and/or benefits. 

The Bottom Line

First of all, keep in mind that a divorce coach can rarely replace a divorce lawyer. You can rely only on such a coach if you and your ex are in a friendly relationship and don’t want to drag yourselves through a court of law.

On the other hand, when the court is inevitable, then you can rely on a divorce coach to hold your hand and keep your spirits up. A divorce coach can help you prepare the paperwork and documentation, and give you legal advice that a lawyer may not be able to provide you with.