Do the Most Popular Games Always Have to Be Strategy-Based?


Strategy is key to many games and also explains why some games are so popular. People enjoy playing games that enhance their cognitive ability, and improve your strategy while also providing entertainment. Skills such as strategic thinking, resource management, and problem-solving skills can be developed on the game board, as well as providing a valid means of entertainment. But does a game need to incorporate elements of strategy to be popular? It would appear not.


Mankind has been playing chess for over 1,400 years, making it one of the oldest and most widely played games in the world. Known as the “game of kings”, chess requires players to strategically plan and anticipate future moves in order to get the better of their opponent. This ancient strategic game can seamlessly translate to realms like business and negotiations, along with simple components like focus. The game is widely available to play online, now, too.

You can challenge yourself against a computer that is limitlessly powerful or you can face equal-ranked opponents online. The best website for this is the previously linked, where you can play for free and also sign up to take lessons. There’s also plenty of further material on the benefits of this longstanding game.

Casino games


One of the most popular casino games, poker, requires essential life skills like psychological insight, social awareness, and critical thinking. Players must be able to read their opponents to make calculated decisions. It can be a great social event with friends but can also give you some valuable skills.

The best poker players are renowned for their ability to bluff, to mask their intentions in order to get the upper hand on their opponent across the table. There is a touch of luck associated with the game but there’s more skill to it than other casino games.

But that actually brings us to the host of other games that don’t rely on strategy to provide an entertaining time, like Fluffy Favourites Slot. This is a popular 5×3 slot game with 25 total pay lines, a number of possible patterns and bonuses are available. Gameplay relies purely on an RNG and it can be accessed easily online without requiring you to think on your feet or apply complex strategy to enjoy it.


Similar to chess, backgammon is an ancient board game that rewards players who are able to apply strategic thinking. By moving their pieces across the board, players must fend off their opponents and accomplish the goal of removing all of their checkers from the game.

This requires a high level of adaptability and consideration. By playing backgammon you can attain a plethora of skills – although you do still rely on the outcome of a roll of the dice!

Engaging in games that require strategic thinking and skill can have significant draw but that’s not the only element of a game that draws people to it for entertainment. Chess, poker, and backgammon provide opportunities to sharpen strategic thinking, but slot games, for example, can be just as popular without that quality. Ultimately, the types of games you play comes down to your own preferences.