Doctors Remove Cannonball-Sized Booger From Man’s Nose [Video]

booger videoWe’re not sure how we stumbled across this 2012 video, and we’re not sure how we feel after viewing it. Without getting into too much detail — spoiling it would be a travesty — a man goes to the doctor to remove what appears to be a hardened yet very goopy boulder-sized booger that had been lodged in his nose hole. We’ve seen those Kleenex commercials where the tissue withstands abuse, but in this case we’re positive theKleenex would stand no chance in hell when paired against this monster boogie.

So that’s the whole video, and it’s one of the grossest things ever recorded on one hand. But on the other hand, after seeing the cannonball that comes out — and it’s been a few days and we’re still seeing it haunt our dreams — you can’t help but want to give an “Ahhhhh!” sigh of relieve when you see what comes out. That, or you’ll puke and curse us for introducing this to you.