4 Tips For Keeping Your Mirrors Streak-Free

how to get streaks off of mirrors If you half-ass your cleaning efforts it’s going to be noticeable for guests. If it’s your buddy, odds are he won’t care that there’s a few crumbs on the floor or a bunch of streaks on the mirror. Hey, if you want to brush away cockroaches or see yourself through a foggy mirror, bully for you.

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But when it’s someone you’re trying to impress it pays to go the extra mile. And, really, making sure the mirror is clean and streak-free isn’t really the extra mile. It’s simply demonstrating that you’re not a lazy ass who dogs his responsibilities.


#1. Use Distilled Water
Dilute glass cleaner with distilled water. How does this help? Distilled water isn’t as mineral-heavy as tap water, and therefore won’t leave remnants on the mirror.  If you have hard water — and if you do, you probably have dry skin, too — the calcium and magnesium deposits will also be reduced.


how to clean mirrors squeegee#2. Consider Using A Squeegee
Skip using paper towels — they’ll leave a linty residue. As for newspapers? Dude, really? You can use old shirts and then opt for cotton swabs to get the corners, or there’s the squeegee route. Seriously. You know it works, so why not embrace it on larger mirrors?  For good measure, you can use a dry, microfiber cloth or chamois to buff the glass to remove any remaining streaks


#3. Use DIY Cleaners
Use an old spray bottle and mix in a 50/50 vinegar-water solution. If you’re going this route you’re probably looking to A) save money or B) avoid harsh chemicals; this will take care of both. If you’re just looking for A), try this: place one to two teaspoons of dish detergent into a large container of warm water and add four tablespoons of lemon and a half-cup white vinegar or ammonia.


glass cleaner cloths#4. Use The Right Cloth
The Miracle Glass & Mirror Cloth ($9 for 2 pack @ Amazon.com) is a 14″ x 16″ cloth that’s reusable and machine washable; it won’t collect lint or leave streaks. You don’t even need glass cleaner or detergents to use them.