Dress Like This Guy: Steve Jobs

Dress Like This Guy: Steve Jobs

The slightly goofy outfit Jobs wore when introducing the world to the future can actually serve as the basis for an outfit that’s kinda-sorta stylish. By taking the same items he cherished and modernizing the silhouettes, you too can outfit-repeat and still blend in with the rest of the work force at the same time.

ShirtTheory Cotton Cashmere Crewneck Sweater ($195)
Chicks dig cashmere. The crewneck, as opposed to the Jobs-favored turtleneck, makes this sweater versatile and far more stylish.

JeansLevi’s 501 Straight Jeans ($78)
Instead of the light wash jeans that Jobs was so fond of (they’re super 90s), try a medium wash with a medium rise and straight leg for simplicity that’ll never go out of style.

New BalanceNew Balance 1600 Sneaker ($130)
These kicks come in a variety of colors and are versatile enough to wear when you’re kicking around the house, on a date, or working in an office that doesn’t have a strict dress code.

GlassesWarby Parker Edison Glasses ($145)
Warby Parker makes it easy to find glasses. Go to their site, pick ones you like, and they’ll send them to you to try out. Simple. Add them to this outfit and you’re not only going to look smarter, you’ll be shopping smarter.