Duff Beer, Now In Real Life


Whether you’re a carpenter, doctor, or safety inspector at your local nuclear power plant, when the workday is over a cold beer can make you feel all “woo hoo!” after being all “d’oh!” for eight long hours. And in honor of The Simpsons airing their 500th episode this month, you can be just like Homer Simpson — sans the three wiry strands of hair and protruding spare tire — by enjoying his favorite drink, Duff Beer, in the comfort of your own underpants.

But while the Duff that Homer, Barney Gumble, and the gang of drunken skeeves at Moe’s Tavern guzzle on a nightly basis is cheap and mass-produced, the German-brewed lager you can purchase isn’t; it’s 4.7 percent alcohol and costs £24.99 (about $40) for 24 cans. Yeah, it’s pricy, but as Homer would say: “Mmmm, beer.”