How To Play The Circle of Death Drinking Game

circle of death drinking game rules
Game Rules: Circle of Death 

Admittedly we learned most of our drinking games in high school and college. So, years ago. And now that we’re no longer in school, the eight years we spent enriching our minds has removed us from playing drinking games every evening weekend. That said, while our competitive drinking side has diminished, it hasn’t vanished. And when we play we usually fall back on the easier and fun ones that require little to no learning curve, such as Circle of Death. It’s similar to Kings. In fact, it’s basically teh same goddamn game. The difference is the rules and what you assign the cards. If someone really cares and puts up a fight, they’re assholes. Why do you even han gout with them?

Otherwise,  players are required to draw a card and act according to the rules associated with that card. All you need to play is a can of beer (preferably more, since you’ll probably down the one you’re holding rather quickly), a middle cup, and a deck of cards.

Circle of Death Setup

Players sit in a circle with a cup of beer – often gross or super strong beer — in the middle of the circle. The deck of cards gets spread around the cup in a circle face-down. Someone begins the game by picking a card from the pile and turns continue counter-clockwise around the table.

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