Ducati Diavel Preview:
Whatever It Is, It’s Fast

Ducati Diavel

Whenever Ducati comes out with a new bike, our eyeballs get all excited. The new 2011 Ducati Diavel, however, has them kind of confused.

It’s unmistakably a Ducati — one look at the red trellis frame tells you that — but what kind of Ducati is it? Well, it’s a street rod … that’s also sort of a cruiser … that packs plenty of muscle. A 162 hp twin engine delivers 94 lb.-ft. of torque, delivered to the concrete via a fat 240 mm rear tire. With a dry weight of just 456 lbs., the bike has plenty of open-road power. But it also knows how to harness it for everyday riding; an Urban mode — there are also Sport and Touring settings — detunes the engine so that it delivers a scant 100 hp for rides to the opera and other classy-type stuff.

The Diavel — the name means “Devil,” but in the good way — is also loaded with other high-techery, like traction control, keyless ignition, antilock brakes, and a ride-by-wire throttle. If the base $16,995 Diavel just isn’t light and fast enough for you, Ducati is also offering the Diavel Carbon for $19,995; the extra three grand buys you an all-carbon fiber body and much lighter aluminum wheels.