Gear That Makes Mornings Less Miserable in 2023

Gear That Makes Mornings Less Miserable
Whether you were putting in OT at the office, had one too many cocktails at the bar, or are a grumpy and sarcastic cartoon cat, mornings can be miserable.

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Aside from calling in sick and locking the kids in the basement, there’s not a whole lot you can do to change the need to get up. But you can make that process a whole lot more appealing if you surround yourself with some helpful gear.

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And whether you want to be entertained, look better, or merely make toast as though you’re a time traveler from the future, we’ve got the stuff you need.

Cybertecture Mirror ($7,700)
You get a lot more than just your bleary-eyed reflection when you set up a Cybertecture Mirror. This space-aged combo mirror/flat-screen TV/computer/KITT from Knight Rider has the power to deliver messages, weather and traffic reports, breaking news, and Facebook updates. It’ll even play movies. The mirror runs on Google’s Android operating system, so you can add and subtract apps from your computer or smartphone. Basically, the mirror does pretty much everything … except hide the bags under your eyes.