Dude Turns Lamborghini Into Ball Of Flames

Dude Turns Rented Lamborghini Into Amazing Ball Of Flames [Video]

So a dude rented a Lamborghini from a Dallas-based company called Exotic Skittles — yes, that’s seriously the name — and he drove it like …

A) a cautious guy who was behind the wheel of a car that could turn into a turbo-charged meteorite with a tap of the gas;
B) a semi-cautious guy who wasn’t afraid to see if the Libyan terrorist bastards that just shot his scientist friend could hit 88 mph; or
C) a guy who clearly has never driven such a powerful car and had no goddamn idea as to how it would careen out of control and into a median when he put the pedal to the medal.

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If you read the headline, you chose “C.” After smashing into the wall the Lambo turned into a terrific streak of fire. Great for the closed circuit TV cameras; bad for all of the expensive parts and paint on the car. Knowing what this man was like as a driver do you think he …

A) called the 5-0 and his insurance company and set off flares to warn other drivers;
B) took a selfie before dragging a homeless man into the road so he could blame him for veering into the wall;
C) left the charred remains of the car in the middle of the road.

Again, the answer is “C.” Editors at Jalopnik.com weren’t as lazy as we were, and called Exotic Skittles and spoke with a rep. The driver was someone they’ve done business with in the past, but admitted that after leaving the car at the scene of an accident in a mangled and scorched state, they would “probably not” be renting to him again. So much for second chances …