5 Pairs Of Khakis That’ll Fit Any Guy’s Budget

the best khaki pants for men
Khakis and chinos are essentially the same thing. Unless you’re a fashion guru — and if you are, you clearly took a wrong turn on the internets to get here — you won’t really care about those difference so long as the pants look good on your and fit within your budget.

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Basically, chinos originated in China and khakis originated in Britain, or at least that’s what we learned glancing through this incredibly dry and boring explanation on eBay, aka the Wikipedia of the khaki-chino origin story.

Sorry, we’re off topic. Here are five options for khaki pants for guys hit a range of price points and styles.

Dockers Signature#1. Dockers Signature Khaki D1 Slim-Fit ($35-$45 @ Amazon.com)

Made from 100 percent cotton, these flat-front khakis from Dockers feature slant pockets in the front and double-welt button-through back pockets. For the price, you should feel comfortable kicking around in them for everything from house chores to office attire without worrying about who you’ll rob if they happen to get stained or ripped.




#2. Mountain Khakis Men’s Cottonwood Cord Pant ($30 and up @ Amazon.com)

More on the casual side, you can rock these relaxed-fit corduroys with running shoes or sandals no sweat. Made from 97 percent cotton and three percent Lycra, you have some breathing room if you happen to put on a few extra pounds. Other highlights include triple-stitched seams and a diamond-shaped action gusset with reinforced heel cuffs.

Haggar#3. Haggar Sand-Washed Straight-Fit Chino Pant ($12-$33 @ Amazon.com)

A nice option for loafers, these soft chinos are affordable but don’t look cheap. Made from eco-friendly fabric — whatever the hell that means — the idea was to upgrade a classic style. Color options include: camel, khaki, navy, chocolate, dark chocolate, copper, oatmeal, and raisin.

Dockers D3
#4. Dockers Signature Khaki D3 Classic Fit Pleated Pant ($17-$40 @ Amazon.com)

We’d never suggest you wear pleats. Maybe we’re snobby, but we feel as if they look super old-timey and create bunching near your junk. That said, you’re a grown man who presumably doesn’t live with his mother, so it’s your call to make. Here’s a new take on a classic from Dockers that are soft and won’t wrinkle … but they still have pleats.

Haggar LK Slim
#5. Haggar Khaki Slim Taper Lightweight Twill Pant ($28 @ Amazon.com)

When you want to up the style on the cheap, give these lightweight and soft twill pants the nod. They’re  a slim-tapered fit, flat front, and rigid waistband, and off-seam front pockets with double-welt back pockets. Set them aside for work outings or those godawful family dinners, or as a pair of khakis to kick around in while you count the minutes until happy hour.