Like Getting Laid? Then Learn These Manscaping Tips

manscaping tips you should know
We hate the term “manscaping.” That said, our battle to keep it out of the vernacular has been lost, so move on we must. In short, all the dumbass term manscaping refers to is maintaining the hair on your body. But it’s all relative to what women want (and how comfortable you feel). So that begs the question: How hairy (or tidy) do women prefer their men?

Data from the Phillips India’s annual Stylescope Survey — which based their stats on replies from 450 men and 350 women — found that 65 percent of women who provided insight were against a dude having a hairy chest; 72 percent preferred their men have a groomed chest.

But before you take a razor and start hacking, consider these manscaping tips …

manscaping tips for guys
Don’t neglect your back hair because it’s out of sight. While it’s difficult to trim back there — unless you have Gumby arms — if you’re sporting a wolf’s coat you need to find a tool that’ll do the dirty work for you. (We’ve listed a handful of them for you in a previous manscaping post, but the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver ($50 @ is a good get that removes hair effortlessly. Waxing is another option, but you’ll pay more than $50 and it’s going to eat up precious time that can be better spent doing important things like drinking or playing video games.

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Trim, trim, trim. If you don’t want to risk having your pit hairs pulled out with buzzers, snip them with scissors first and then run the hair clippers across them. Just be careful of going too short — do that and you might introduce irritation when you use deodorant (you can also try natural deodorants to eliminate chemicals being absorbed into your skin).

How can you tell if your pit hair is too long? When your arms are at your sides, if you see some strands sticking out, it’s too long. Otherwise you’re fine. Simple, right?