Easy Ways To Fix Your Grooming Mistakes

gillette fusion proglide gear patrol5Take Your Time Shaving
You shouldn’t look at shaving as an unpleasant chore; if you do, you’ll probably rush it and end up with nicks and razorburn. According to Allan, taking your time and prepping your skin is vital — which is why he recommends shaving at night instead of in the morning. (Of course, that may not be an option for guys who already have 5 o’clock shadows before lunch.) The key is to develop a ritual: Prep your skin with warm water or a hot towel; pre-treat with shave oil before applying shaving gel or cream; take your time with each stroke; frequently rinse the razor. Shave in long, slow strokes, with the grain, not against it. And make sure you do it all with a quality razor. We recommend the new face-hugging, five-blade Gillette Fusion ProGlide ($8.99 to $9.99). Thanks to features like re-engineered, ultrathin blades and an enhanced moisture-protection strip, it’s sure to give you a close, comfortable shave.