Ensuring Your Gifts to Loved Ones Have Meaning

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The US has alarming waste statistics that are a true worry when it comes to understanding the environmental and financial impact of gifting the wrong items. Research by Finder showed that over 21 million people receive at least one unwanted gift during the holiday season. Imagine how many of these gifts end up in landfills. What’s more, it is gut-wrenching to think that the item you bought for someone you love is actually underappreciate or, even worse, thought of as having zero value. To reduce the environmental impact of gifting and strike a chord with your partner and other loved ones, ensure your gift-giving strategy is up to scratch!

What Is Your Partner’s Love Language?

If you find that you frequently miss the mark when it comes to putting a smile on your partner’s face, try to discover their love language. The idea that everyone has their own preferred way of receiving and demonstrating love was espoused by Gary Chapman in his worldwide bestseller, The Five Long Languages. Chapman argues that there are five main languages: giving material things, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and physical touch. Those who enjoy receiving quality time, for instance, may enjoy a meal out at a romantic restaurant instead of a pair of socks or a mug!

Giving a Personalized Gift

Nothing says “I actually took the time to find something you’d like” more than a personalized gift. A study published in the Journal of Information Technology Management has found that personalization is an effective strategy when it comes to pleasing others. This is because it enables the receiver to own something that is unique, emotionally significant, and expressive of their identity. If you follow fashion influencers and celebrities, you have probably seen that many of them wear name necklaces, bracelets, and custom pendants as ideal items in which to display your partner’s name. Customer pendants can be designed with various materials and styles–adding a unique touch to an already meaningful piece of jewelry.

Remembering Their Wishes

Arguably the most spot-on way to ensure someone loves the gift you give them, is simply to listen to them. Throughout the year, your loved one will have mentioned a myriad of things that attract their eye—from a cute designer bag to a pair of shoes, a technological device, a phone, a Funko doll, a book—the sky’s the limit. The key to acing gift-giving is to make a list of these items. When your loved one’s next birthday or holiday season comes around, just pull out your list and find something that strikes a good balance between what they want and what you can afford.

To ensure the gifts you five are meaningful, start by understanding your partner’s love language. Listen to them throughout the year, so you can craft a list of items they actually want or need. Finally, if you are stumped, then consider a personalized item. It will show you have taken time to have the item made, and highlight their importance in your life.