Hobbies You Didn’t Know Your Favorite Male Celebrities Enjoy

Even famous men need hobbies but you might be surprised at some of the ways that your favorite celebrities choose to unwind away from their work. What are some of the most interesting choices and which ones would you like to try?

Ben Affleck Plays Roulette

Ben Affleck has carved out an incredible career as an actor, director and scriptwriter. 1997’s Good Will Hunting was his breakthrough and after that he was the leading man in several huge movies. His latest role is in The Flash, which is predicted to be one of the year’s top movies. Away from the movie sets, Ben is often seen playing casino games, with roulette a particular favorite of his.

This game is now more accessible than before, as you can play roulette online at any time. Various online versions include live dealer games, where the human presenter is beamed onto your screen and you place your bets virtually onto a physical table. However, the gameplay is very similar to what you’ll have seen if you’ve ever played roulette in a land casino.

Johhny Depp Paints and Has a Doll Collection

Johnny Depp’s acting career is among the most varied and fascinating in the history of movies. His range of characters covers eccentric characters from Captain Jack Sparrow to Willie Wonka and the Mad Hatter, with Johnny bringing them all to life in a way that only he can. Yet, fans may be disappointed to learn that he’s ruled out a return to the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

In his spare time, Depp is a keen painter and also plays the guitar. Some reports also suggest that he collects dolls. While this might seem an unusual sort of pastime at first, further investigation reveals that he played out his film roles with his daughter using the dolls, and from that starting point began to collect them. He’s also said to collect props from his movies that he one day hopes to give to his grandchildren.

Brad Pitt Makes Pottery

One of the most celebrated actors of his generation, Brad Pitt has shown tremendous acting skills by excelling in movies as diverse as Fight Club and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In terms of new movies, Bullet Train 2 is said to be in the development stage, with Margot Robbie expected to be added to the cast for this sequel.

When he’s not acting, Brad likes to play the guitar and make pieces of pottery. The idea of the movie star making ceramic pots might appear far-fetched but he’s said to have taken to it so much that he invited Leonardo DiCaprio over to try the hobby with him. According to reports, Pitts likes to make heavy pieces of pottery painted in black and gold.

Other interesting celebrity hobbies include Mike Tyson racing pigeons and Rod Steward building model train sets. What this shows is that even the planet’s most famous men need a hobby and that they aren’t afraid to do something out of the ordinary if it appeals to them.