Everything A Modern Man Needs To Know About The Royal Ascot

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The Royal Ascot being the most highly anticipated event – stepping into 2019 and the event starting on the 1st of May. it’s an event that holds the upmost respect from the Royal family – naming it the official Royal week. For every modern man attending the Royal Ascot needs to know the rules, the fashion and of course the best odds and horses to bet on while attending. Of course, the main rules and regulations are pretty straight forward.

So, let’s start with a recap on the event and give you some early tips for Royal Ascot attending; The gates are set to open for the crowds at 10:30am – if you’re hoping to see the queen at that time, bad luck because Royal process doesn’t arrive till mid-day, around 2pm. As it’s a Five-day event and usually starting on a Tuesday and ending on a Saturday. The first day is your three of the royal meetings’ that are eight Group One races, essentially the most prestigious and best flat horse-racing in the world.

The food and dining are extremely unique and something to knock off your bucket list – that’s if you have one. If you’re a man of great tasting champagne then this is the number one spot for you, The Royal Ascot has an estimated 56,000 bottles of the bubbly stuff and it’s the good stuff too, even if you’re not a fan of Champagne – don’t worry! The Ascot has you covered with 21,000 jugs of Pimm’s. 

The fashion at the Royal Ascot is formal – but there are no strict rules regarding what you wear, but it’s always nice and shows your class – plus it’s always a good opportunity to show off your taste in hats, as like The Grand Nation its famous for the vibrant and sometimes outrages hats. For what you should wear as a man – preferably tweed, or light blue three-piece suit, it’s held in the summer so, bright colours go a long way.

There are enclosures, the more expensive the enclosure is – the better the view. The Windsor enclosure offers an amazing view to the Royal precession as it arrives straight up the miles. The next is your Village Enclosure; this Enclosure will be the one that holds live DJs and bands that keep the day going with their entertainment, also a cocktail bar and an al fresco dining style, which is a white sheet over a table that is outside in the sunshine. The most expensive Enclosure is The Royal Enclosure – this stunning, more exciting Enclosure offers a multitude of restaurants that are only for members and VIP of the Royal Ascot, but the downside is it’s only invitation only – but still nice to know about, although there is a guest day badge you can buy to gain access, but only to one of its restaurants.

If you’re driving to the event, it’s £40 for a day ticket. There are also trains that you can plan to make sure you get there on time. The best idea is to travel by Coach, they’re affordable and easy to access – they’ll also take you home, depending on the coach service, of course.