Everything You Need to Know About Licensed Casinos

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The obvious difference between licensed and unlicensed casino sites is that only the former offers licensed games to players. But why is it so important? Is there anything else that you need to know about gambling at licensed casinos? Let’s dive deeper into all this.

Only licensed software works correctly and without failures; it has a properly configured random number generator that allows you to win honestly. Unlicensed software, which no one controls, is much easier to design. It periodically fails. And, what is most dangerous for the player, the site owner can change the settings of the random number generator at one’s own discretion. We doubt that you are ready to lose all your money in unfair online casinos. That’s why we strongly recommend you to give preference to independent casinos that are closely monitored and audited by specialized authorities.

What Does an Online Casino License Give?

An online casino license means not only licensed software. It is also associated with the control by the regulator. If a gambling company has received a license, then it should have passed a full-fledged check for dozens of parameters:

  • Game quality/ fairness/ responsiveness test;
  • The availability of a quality business plan;
  • The financial reliability of the enterprise;
  • The use of special technology to protect customer information.

Before issuing a license, the regulator seriously checks the constituent documents, the functionality of the site, and the fair game flow. If there are any issues with the operation of the random number generator, an online casino simply will not receive a license. In other words, for an ordinary player, having a license from a gambling site is a guarantee of fair and confidential gaming.

How to Check an Online Casino License

So, if you want to play high-quality games and win a top prize without putting your personal belongings at risk, then you should choose only licensed platforms. Moreover, it is very easy to check whether a casino is licensed as it pretends to be.


As a rule, you can find detailed information about a casino gambling license at the very bottom part of the casino site. You can also request the data from casino customer support. This is what the license data should contain:

  • Number;
  • Name and website of the regulator that issued the license;
  • The name and contacts of the licensed company;
  • License class;
  • Date of issue of the license;
  • License holder.

Of course, nothing prevents the site from placing any fake information to confuse people. But you can always check the data validity on the website of the regulator. Search by license number or company name – and you will find all the information.