Five Essential Grooming Products Every Man Should Own

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Beauty products are no longer just for women. Nowadays, many men are improving their looks by following a skincare routine and using a variety of grooming products. There is now an impressive range of products developed specifically for men – from face washes and moisturizers to hair-clippers and beard oils.

To help you look and feel your best, here are five essential grooming products every man should own:

1. Exfoliator

You lose millions of skin cells every day. Over time, dead skin builds on the surface of the skin and leads to a dull, dry complexion. Fortunately, you can easily remove dead skin by using a gentle exfoliator to reveal a layer of fresh skin beneath. Experts recommend that you should exfoliate once or twice a week to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion.

You can find several products that are facial washes and exfoliators in one, to make your skincare routine even more simple. Make sure that you’re gentle with your skin when exfoliating to avoid causing irritation or redness.

2. Shaver

A shaver is an essential grooming product for every man. A basic disposable razor is fine, but you may want to consider investing in a quality reusable razor. These typically offer a closer shave and they are also far better for the environment as they reduce plastic waste. Using a reusable shaver should also save you money over time, as you won’t need to keep paying to replace disposable razors. Make sure that you also purchase a quality shaving cream and post-shaving balm to complete your shaving routine.

3. Fragrance

Fragrance does not actually change the way you look, but it can instantly enhance your mood by making you smell more attractive. Fortunately, many beauty stores offer a wide selection of cologne for men. Often, you can try a variety of testers to help you find the perfect fragrance. Try to choose a scent that is subtle and classic without being overpowering. When you find a cologne you like, try to limit the amount of fragrance in your deodorant and skin care products to avoid the scent being masked or becoming overpowering.

4. SPF Moisturizer

Sun protection is an absolute must for everyone, especially if you live in a warm climate or spend lots of time outdoors. Fortunately, many moisturizers contain SPF which means you can hydrate your skin and protect it from harmful rays at the same time. Make sure you choose a lotion with an SPF of at least 30, and reapply this regularly throughout the day to ensure that your skin is protected.

5. Hair Clipper

A hair clipper is essential for men with both short and long hair. If you have short hair, then you can use a clipper to maintain your style without the need to pay for regular trips to your barber or hairstylist. If you have long hair, then a clipper can be used to trim your hair and stop it from becoming unruly. A hair clipper is an extremely versatile grooming product and can also be used to trim the hair on your neck, back, and shoulders for example.