Five Factors To Watch For When Picking a White Label CBD Provider

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There may be no more convenient and exciting way to get into the rapidly growing CBD market than partnering with a white label CBD provider. Sometimes known as private label providers, these companies allow you to use their products with your marketing.

All of the capital you would need to build your operation—unnecessary. White label work requires creativity, agility, and above all, research. Your mind matters far more than how much money you have!

Let’s take a look at the five factors you want to assess before you dive into the white label world. Time to put that big brain to work!

The Products You Want To Sell

CBD is legal in all 50 states in the U.S. (as long as the THC level is at or below 0.3%). There are countless places to buy CBD products. You’ve done your customer research. You know your target market. And your business plan is looking good.

Then you look to the CBD market and realize, CBD seems like it’s in everything. There are definitely some “fad” properties with this influx of CBD products. Not every new thing that is “CBD-infused” will stand the test of time.

So it’s essential to stay focused on your expertise and needs. What products do you feel best about marketing? Where do you have experience and customer insight? 

Then go in search of the white label CBD provider that offers everything you want and need. There are many companies in the white label space, and they provide different kinds of products. You’re sure to find one that will have the product profile you and your marketing plan can handle.

A Reputation For Quality That They Can Back Up

But that does not mean all companies are created equal. Once the Farm Bill of 2018 opened up the CBD market in the U.S., many companies jumped to create a white label division. But that also meant some companies rushed out inferior products to make a buck. A recent study in California uncovered several CBD products that either didn’t qualify as hemp or contained illegal amounts of THC.

Your private label provider must have an excellent reputation and a proven product line. Customer reviews and industry “ranking” lists will help you discern what companies are best —and they should have the documentation to prove it. A high-quality, transparent white label partner will happily provide you with Certificates of Analysis (COA) for their products. These COAs will show the composition and quality of the CBD, including the levels of CBD

Those COAs need to be from a reputable third-party testing firm. This is non-negotiable when you’re choosing a white table partner. Once your labels and branding go on the packaging, their product is now yours 9n the mind of the public.

Make sure you keep your customer’s trust!

Pricing That Makes Sense

Of course, you need a profitable CBD business. You’ll need to find a good balance of quality and price—but don’t stop your financial research there. 

Some White Label CBD companies ask for prohibitively high “first buys” and then have a minimum order that can prove too high for a new business. So if you have a lot or a little money to invest, pay close attention to the payment structure and buy minimums.

Even a great marketing plan can catch fire. So look for a white label CBD provider who wants you to be in it for the long haul. Their first purchase and minimum prices can help set you up for success as long as they are competitive in the white label space.  

Proprietary Processes & Products

One factor that may increase the price: how unique is your white label provider?

The best white label CBD companies have unique products. Those come from proprietary methods of extraction and manufacturing. That means they own the process; that’s as unique as it gets.

You’ve done your research and know that you want your company to utilize the best and cleanest extraction method: CO2. What other techniques do they use? Some companies have gone so far as to create USDA organic certified methods that remove all traces of THC and create unique CBD products.

Another factor to look at: does your white label CBD provider invest in the future, particularly in nanotechnology. Early results indicate that nano is the best way to increase the effectiveness of CBD. Because we’re dealing with a botanical oil, natural CBD doesn’t mix well with our water-based bloodstreams. 

A nano-forward white label provider is likely to have unique and better-quality products. They’ll also be ready to create products that keep up with the changing CBD market, making them an excellent long-term partner.

Prepared For and Invented In White Label

The final factor to consider: has your prospective white label provider invested in their services? It’s easy to send out unmarked products; has the company created a viable and responsive white label division?

Your first hint will be the level of customer service you receive during the research phase. CBD companies with dedicated white label divisions are quick to respond and know the answers to the questions you’re most likely to ask. In addition, they know that a dedicated white label partner can prove to be a lasting moneymaker.

The company will also have excellent shipping services, with a solid turnaround time on orders of all sizes. Remember, you’re choosing to work in the white label space to take advantage of the work and infrastructure your white label partner provides—make sure that extends to all the little things that add up over time.

Another giveaway that your prospective partner is serious about white label: they offer additional services. They may have an in-house label design team, or additional marketing support staff. or resources 

The company will have already seen what helps their partners—and they’ve built their white table services with that knowledge.

A white label CBD business is an exciting and potentially highly lucrative venture. With these five keys, you’ll find a white label CBD provider that is more than a partner—they’ll be a huge part of your success.