Injured as an International Visitor?

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When visiting the U.S., visitors may be at risk of injury during their stay, in which case they may benefit from health insurance coverage for international visitors.

When Accidents and Injuries Develop While Visiting the U.S.

If visitors are injured while away on vacation in the U.S., travel health insurance can help them pay for the costs of medical care. While in the U.S., many types of incidents could take place. For instance, even visitors who are vaccinated may contract COVID-19 or another illness during their stay. They may also get involved in car accidents or other types of accidents that cause serious injuries or even death.

To provide protection for an international visitor, travel or visitor health insurance plans are available from a variety of private insurance companies. These insurance plans fall under fixed and comprehensive visitor insurance plans.

Comprehensive Visitor Insurance Plans

For potentially serious incidents like mass shootings or large-scale accidents, it’s best for visitors to enroll in a comprehensive visitor insurance plan. These plans include maximum coverage in the event of catastrophic incidents and injuries. The majority of these plans come from reputable healthcare provider networks, including Coventry Healthcare, United Healthcare, and First Health network.

Additionally, WorldTrips and other companies offer international provider networks that can protect visitors when traveling outside of their home country, regardless of whether they’re staying in the U.S. or another country. Both Atlas Premium and Atlas Travel plans under WorldTrips provide ample coverage through comprehensive visitor insurance.

For sufficient medical coverage that covers costly medical bills, visitors can also consider plans such as Patriot Go Travel and Patriot Platinum from International Medical Group (IMG). In addition, their Global Medical Plans are popular for residents and expats living outside of the U.S., along with people who wish to stay in the long term. IMG’s plans also come with maternity and pregnancy coverage with a 10-month waiting period.

The Importance of Insurance for Visitors

While many visitors may enter the U.S. in hopes of enjoying their stay, accidents can and will happen for many. This is why it’s always in their best interests to seek and enroll in the right visitor insurance plan. Doing so will give visitors more comfort knowing that they’re in good hands if they sustain injuries or contract illnesses at any point during their stay.

Ultimately, visitor insurance plans will eliminate the need for visitors to pay steep out-of-pocket costs that would otherwise set them back financially. At the same time, these plans can connect visitors with reliable medical care providers when needed.