Different Types of CBD: How to Include CBD in Your Daily Routine

Looking to include CBD in your daily health routine? With so many products on the market, explore the different types of CBD.


Now that CBD is fully established as safe, non-intoxicating, and 100% legal, thousands of consumers are trying CBD for the first time. But, this also means that there are more different types of CBD than anyone can count.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by your options? We can fix that.

Below is our guide on the different types of CBD for beginners and how to include them in your daily routine. In it, you’ll see that having a lot of options actually makes it easier to pick the right types of CBD for you.

You just need a little guidance to get you started. Find all the guidance you need right here in this guide.

Different Types of CBD

First off, there are a lot of different types of CBD products available, all used in different ways. You can now find these over-the-counter in brick-and-mortar stores or online at sites like Magical.com. Let’s take a look at the various options of how you might use CBD. 


One of the most popular types of CBD is CBD oil. This is what people use when they vape CBD.

Vaping CBD with a vape pen or other vaping device is the fastest-acting method of taking CBD. The positive effects of CBD are felt almost immediately when inhaled. 

We caution you, though, if vaping/inhaling is your preferred delivery method for CBD delivery. Just be sure to choose CBD oil that is made specifically for inhaling to avoid any added ingredients that aren’t healthy to inhale.

Aside from vaping, CBD oil is edible and can be taken orally/sublingually. Sublingually means you let it rest under your tongue for about a minute before you swallow it. This lets it absorb more quickly into your bloodstream through the thin tissue beneath your tongue.

Another warning: pure CBD oil is very potent. By using only a very small amount, you should still feel the effects.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are simply CBD oil with added ingredients like carriers and flavorings. The carrying agents basically help your body absorb the CBD in different ways. 

The great thing about CBD tinctures is their variety. Besides flavor options, the specific types and amounts of carriers in these tinctures also vary.

Thus, different tinctures will produce a different “cocktail” of effects. Try different brands and varieties until you find one with the perfect balance of effects for you.

Again, though, be careful which tinctures you choose and how you use them. Don’t inhale them unless they’re meant for inhaling. Check the ingredients/read the label fully before use.

CBD Food and Drinks

Continuing the long tradition of putting cannabis in food, there’s a seemingly endless variety of CBD edibles on the market that won’t get you high. The most well-known are the CBD gummies. Other CBD sweets include suckers, chocolates, cookies, and, of course, brownies.

Not only do these add a mood-boosting zing to treat time, but they’re also the most inconspicuous way to consume CBD. Although, these aren’t much help if you’re trying to cut back on junk food.

Fortunately, you can find CBD edibles to suit any diet, including:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Trail mix
  • Granola bars
  • Salad dressing
  • Literally all types of food/drink

You can also buy CBD oil for cooking and add it to any home-cooked recipe.

CBD Pills/Supplements

Or, if you want to keep things simple, there are CBD supplements you can take any time of day. (Remember, you can’t “overdose” on CBD.)

Like edibles, these are also inconspicuous, like taking an aspirin, if you want to avoid nosy questions. And they’re great for beginners who need some time to test the effects of CBD and find an ideal dosage.

Another unique benefit is that CBD pills can be a time-release supplement. This way, you can take one dose and feel the effects for hours—far longer than with other methods.

Topical CBD Products

Lastly, not all CBD is taken internally. There is a large variety of CBD-infused lotions, creams, oils, and other skin products for topical use.

These won’t cause any internal effects, like enhanced mood, because topicals don’t let CBD into your bloodstream. But they do relieve pain and inflammation of the areas where they are applied.

Plus, unlike other topical pain reducers, CBD topicals don’t merely mask these symptoms. They actually block the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin that are causing the pain and inflammation.

How to Include CBD in Your Daily Routine

Now that you know your options, let’s take a look at how you might use them throughout your day. Truly, the options are limitless, so this is far from a complete list. This is only to show you some easy, practical examples you can try.


During the morning portion of your routine, you may find that a delicious cup of CBD-infused coffee is the perfect way to brighten those eyes and bushy that tail. Another option for a quick ka-pow of positive energy is a morning CBD vape. 

This takes care of the wake-up portion of your morning. But to keep that feeling going until the early afternoon, take your preferred dosage of time-release CBD capsules before leaving the house.


When you start running out of steam, it’s a good thing that you have that pocket full of CBD gummy bears. It also might be time for another time-release dose.

Daily Workout

After a vigorous session at the gym, you know how to soothe those aching muscles. Rub them down with CBD massage cream for true relief from pain and inflammation. But, before that, scrub them down with CBD body wash in the shower.


Get truly relaxed for bed with a CBD aromatherapy bath bomb in your evening soak. After extra-tough days, add a CBD oil nightcap under the tongue.

Finish up by massaging CBD facial lotion into your face and neck. Finally, enjoy the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Try These CBD Ideas In Your Daily Routine

With all the different types of CBD out there, we can’t tell you what your favorites are. You’ll have to try them for yourself.

And we hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas and inspiration to do just that. If so, please share these ideas with your friends and family so you can all experiment together.

Next, find more great tips for your daily routine on our Health and Grooming blog.