Foldable Sunglasses Perfect For Any Season

spy foldable sunglasses#1. Spy Optic The Fold Matte ($90 @

No frills here, but not every pair of shades has to scream “LOOK AT ME!” Just picture how much more Marty McFly would have blended in if he’d have worn these. Anyway, Spy brand glasses feature a minimalistic design and are rugged and durable. Along with obviously being the choice for snoopers, they’re great for beach days or outdoor workouts.

RAYBAN wayfarer#2. Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses ($121 @

Don’t swear off Ray-Bans because they’re a popular brand. Yeah, a lot of people then, but for good reason: they’re of good quality. The Wayfarers are a top model and no, not just by hipsters. (You probably think that because they’re thick-rimmed and black.) Still, the slightly inclined frames include polarized lenses and are a great fit for activities like fishing and people watching on sunny days.

ray ban #3. Ray-Ban Non-Polarized Aviator Sunglasses ($110 @

The timeless design displayed in these shades will have the wearer exude confidence and authenticity, just as earlier models have done for previous generations. There are a number of frames and lenses to choose from for this model, and each color-pairing is engineered to give your wardrobe the pop it needs without coming across as too loud or obnoxious.

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