Have You Tried Using Essential Oils? Probably Not, But Maybe You Should

essential oil for men

No, you’re not a tree-hugging yuppie just because you try to use organic and natural things like essential oils before popping pills, buying expensive creams, or bathing in lube (oh right, like we’re the only ones who have ever done that). According the Wikipedia, the website that never fails to deliver the truth, essential oils are not essential for health and are extracted by distilling or using a process of solvent extraction. We could take you step-by-step throughout the process, but who cares? The reason you’re reading this is because you’ve already heard that essential oils can help you — and that might be true.

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From treating skin ailments (rashes, eczema), stress, and weight loss. Do they work? Yes … and no. It depends on the person you’re talking to. Are they worth a shot? We think so, namely because it can be a less expensive alternative to a doctor’s visit. Just be sure to keep your expectations low and not to expect miracles.


eucalyptus oils#1. Eucalyptus Oil
Taken from the leaves of eucalyptus trees — duh — eucalyptus oil has special germ-killing properties that make it ideal as an antiseptic and is also an excellent decongestant for respiratory issues. Its soothing effects help in mental stimulation.

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sandalwood oil#2. Sandalwood Oil
Derived through steam distillation of sandalwood trees, it is a holy oil in the Hindu religion it’s also an antiseptic for people who come in contact with gross icky germs (i.e. you). Its cooling effects make it ideal as an anti-inflammatory agent, while its sedative and relaxant properties can assist with cramps, coughs and other spasms.

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frankincense essential oil#3. Frankincense Oil
It’s been used as long ago as ancient Egypt and its origin lies in the gum of the frankincense tree. It is a powerful antiseptic, both orally and as incense. The very fumes can kill germs. It can treat halitosis, strengthen gums, fight mouth ulcers and other oral maladies.

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