6 Foods That Can Help Increase Testosterone

foods that boost testosterone levels in men

Genetics are a bitch. Height, weight, intelligence, athleticism and hormone levels are all at the mercy of those pesky familial blueprints. This includes the super trendy male sex hormone, Testosterone (or simply, T).

Some fellas have such high natural levels that you wonder if they are related to Koko the gorilla. Others are in their mid 40’s, have yet to shave and shop at OshKosh B’gosh. Regardless of natural levels, most men these days would like to have their T concentration higher. How can you tell where your levels are at? Get them tested.

progene testosterone test kits
Progene At-Home Testosterone Test Kits ($90)
are A) painless, B) take minutes complete and C) are anonymous. You spit into a tube, ship it off (postage is prepaid), and you get the results over the phone or online. It’s simple. If you’re chronically tired, missing your sex drive or morning wood, or are getting flabby for no apparent reason, shell out the $30 for the test.

While you wait for your results, there are some dietary changes you can make to help boost your T levels naturally. Though, if you want to artificially raise your testosterone levels in the meantime, check out this guide to find the right testosterone booster for you. So even if you are built like Woody Allen, you can nosh on a couple of these super foods to help increase virility, muscle mass and energy levels.

foods that boost t levels oysters#1. Oysters
Get the shuck out of here. Sorry, you deserve better than that. Anyway, these booger-textured mollusks are packed with zinc, a key component in development during puberty. But zincs usefulness isn’t just confined to the days of awkward boners and oil spouting pores. Men with naturally low T are often told to supplement with zinc to jack up the hormones natural levels. Whether you prefer raw or broiled, these fruits of the sea can help make you the man you want to be.

foods that boost t levels bacon#2. Bacon
Rejoice swine heads, pig candy is on the Testosterone menu. Besides being delicious and the sixth major food group for Lumberjacks, bacon is packed with saturated animal fat and cholesterol two major elements in producing T. So spark up the frying pan and get the pig belly crackling, your reproductive health may count on it.