7 Vacuum Cleaners For Guys Who Live Indoors

vacuum cleaners for guys shark life-away

You may not believe the old saying that a clean home is a happy home. But you should believe that a clean home is definitely a home that single guys get laid in more than, say, a home with filthy rugs, moldy dishes, in the sink, and a wretched odor emitting from the hamper (which is actually a pile of clothes that’s sitting on the filthy rug).

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In other words, you also need to invest in a quality vacuum. In some cases, that means you’ll pay $20 or $30. If you’re in a bigger pad with shedding pets or a balding roommate, you’re going to need to up the ante.

We’ve put together a handful of good vacuum cleaners for guys like you. There are robots, lightweight stick vacs, handhelds, hybrids, and of course, hardcore suckers like …

Pictured — #1: Shark Navigator Life-Away Professional Upright ($180 @ Amazon.com)

It’s easy to store, lightweight, looks sleek, and sucks harder than … we’re not going to finish that sentence. In short, the Shark’s anti-allergen complete seal technology + HEPA prevents irritants from going airborne. The swivel feature allows you to maneuver it where you want to go with out a hassle, and the hardwood floor microfiber pad attachments ushers any rogue dust into the suck hole. We probably could have handled that last line with a little more finesse …