Garage Door Repair Tips & Tricks


Owning a garage is simply not just enough these days, as it is very expedient to also own the garage door that makes life so much easier for you. Hence, placing a premium on garage doors as a practice needs to be regained if you want to leave a life that is devoid of all the stress that normally comes with faulty garage doors. Although you’re constantly reminded of the safety you enjoy in your homes, nevertheless, you need to ensure you always have a functional and fully working garage door to stay on the safe lane.

Your garage is an extension of your house, so there’s no need telling what the dangers of having a faulty door could be. It leads to your house, as such shouldn’t be treated with levity to provide for the much-needed security for your home. Better still, garage doors come in sizes, shapes, and colours, hence you could make quite the choice that augurs well with you. Occasionally, you would expect your garage door to get faulty, as do other appliances in the house.

There’s no telling where the fault could be sometimes, because of the complex mainframes of these things. You could try DIY, but you know there’s nothing like getting professionals trained specifically for this purpose. There are companies that are set up with your safety in mind, and they specialize in repairing your doors when they get faulty. If you want to carry out a garage door repair in Vancouver, there are companies that could do a really nice job without requiring that you empty your account.

Components of a Garage Door

You should know that there are different parts of a garage door and they have different functions they perform. Knowing these parts would help simplify knowing what exactly is wrong with your door. These parts are quite essential, so you could decide to take a look at them first before reaching out to professionals for help.

Remote Control

Although it is not exactly placed on the door itself, still the remote control is important. The remote control is designed to help you open the gate without needing to step out of your car. The control is a safety measure, because if in the wrong hands, the doors to your garage would open wide when instructed to. Don’t forget it has been programmed to do this, so it does not matter in whose hands it falls in.

Cable Drum

The cable drum on the garage door can be easily mistaken for a cable reel, and rightly so because it performs the same function. It is designed on the spring shaft and it winds itself up anytime you open a door. The basic types of cable drums are; vertical lift cable drums, high lift drums, and standard lift cable drums.

Torsion Spring

The torsion spring can ideally be found above the door directly horizontally and it is designed mainly to raise the garage door. Due to years of incessant usage and tear, this spring tends to lose its flexibility and sometimes tears off. When this happens, it could cause an accident, so it should not be treated with levity. Although some garage doors don’t have torsion springs, they have alternatives that perform the same set of functions. Know when to replace these springs, to avoid mishaps that just lead to other bad things.

Hanger Track

The hanger track is an important part of the garage door that cannot be overlooked. Just like the term ‘track’ connotes, it helps to hold the door firmly to the building. It determines how slow or fast the tires of the garage door are. It helps the vertical and horizontal movement of the garage doors.