The Natural Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive: This is What You Can Do

Are you trying to learn about the natural ways to increase your sex drive? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the different things you can do.

Anywhere between 14% to 17% of American men struggle with low sex drives. Considering that many studies focus on erectile dysfunction rather than low libidos, the true number may be even higher.

We all go through ups and downs in the range of our sex drives, but sometimes, it may stay low for longer than we’d like. This can end up putting a damper on our relationships. In that case, you might want to take things into your own hands and find a solution to your bedroom issues.

Are you wondering about natural ways to increase your sex drive? Then keep reading. We’ll give you an in-depth guide on libido boosters so you can improve your sex life.

Lose Weight

Over 66% of Americans are overweight or obese, with over 33% being obese. Based on these statistics, there’s a very good chance that you fall into either demographic.

Being overweight or obese comes with a myriad of health problems, including an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. You may also have a higher chance of developing things like diabetes or high blood pressure.

In addition to these health issues, being overweight or obese can also cause your testosterone levels to drop. As a result, this can cause your libido to crash.

There are several things you can do to lose weight, which can boost your overall health and get your sex drive back up.

Eat a Healthier Diet

If you’re used to eating takeout every day, then it’s time to break that bad habit. Make it a point to cook more meals, and when you do, keep salt and oils to a minimum.

Get more greens in and make sure you’re eating foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can even start taking some additional multivitamins to ensure you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Cut out sugary foods and drinks like soda. Replace those things with healthier alternatives, like fruits, water, or unsugared tea.

When you can turn around your diet, you’ll see a huge improvement in how you feel. You’ll also drop those pounds more easily.

Exercise More

Are you used to being a couch potato? Then it’s time to get up and onto your feet.

Watching what you eat will matter the most in your weight loss journey, but exercise will certainly help. It can help you burn extra calories and get that weight off quicker. 

Not only that, but you’ll also release feel-good hormones called endorphins, which can also relieve stress. Often, this can restart your libido!

And who knows, you might find a passion for a new sport. By discovering new things you like to do, you can usually reignite your passion in the bedroom.

Stop Smoking

All of us already know that smoking has tons of bad health effects attached to it, ranging from yellow fingertips to increased risk of lung cancer. But it can also have a detrimental effect on your sex life.

Studies have shown that smoking can impact your ability to conceive. But not only that; for men, it can also cause sexual dysfunction and a lower libido. What’s surprising is this happened to men of all ages, even those in their 20s.

If you’ve wavered for years on quitting smoking, then it may be a good time to finally quit for good. You’ll be taking better care of your body and as a result, an increased libido is very possible.

That’s not it either. Once you stop smoking, your lungs will be in much better shape.

This means that if you usually found yourself breathless after a few minutes of sex, you’ll be able to go for much longer without getting exhausted as quickly. By quitting smoking, not only will you improve your libido, but also your stamina!

Get Enough Sleep

In our hustle and bustle world, many of us sacrifice sleep in order to get everything done. You know what they say: there aren’t enough hours in a day.

If you’re familiar with sacrificing some shuteye, you’ll know that it eventually catches up with you. In addition to having fatigue, you start having foggy memory, a lack of energy, and bad moods. All of these factors can already ruin any chances of feeling up for a romp in the bedroom.

But studies have also shown that a lack of sleep can dramatically reduce your testosterone levels, even if you’re young and perfectly healthy. So with all these factors stacked up against you, your sex drive doesn’t stand a chance.

It may be time to reevaluate what’s important in your life and reprioritize things. If you and your partner have been fighting more, it may also be stemming from a lack of sleep, as you’ll be more irritable.

Try to reshuffle things in your life so you can get enough shuteye. Within a short period of time, you should see the benefits that come with doing so, including having a much better sex drive.

Manage Your Stress Better

When you feel like you have a full plate, it can be hard to feel in the mood for sex. A bunch of deadlines at work, a big fight with your girlfriend, and health issues with your parents may all pile up in your head.

With so much going on inside of you, it’s no wonder that you have a low libido. But without the proper outlets, your libido might stay that way, especially when you’re struggling with your internal thoughts.

In a previous section, we already suggested you pick up some physical activity. This can help blow off some steam and release endorphins to make you feel better.

You can also try finding new hobbies that make you happy and can relieve stress. For example, you can take up woodworking, cooking, or painting.

There are also many activities that can soothe your mind. Incorporating things like yoga and meditation into your life can have a really positive effect on your libido.

Get out Into the Sun More

The human body can’t produce its own vitamin D, which is why it’s crucial you spend a little time in the sun. The sun’s rays allow you to soak up this vital vitamin, which is responsible for keeping your bones and muscles healthy. Of course, you shouldn’t spend too much time directly in the sun and you should always wear sunscreen.

What many people don’t know is vitamin D can also help with testosterone levels. So if your libido’s been low, catching some rays can do you some good.

If you’re not a fan of spending time in the sun, or you can’t find good opportunities to do so, you can always add vitamin D to the supplements that you’re taking.

Work on Your Relationship (Or Leave It)

Your sex drive can take a real nosedive if your relationship isn’t working out so well. Some people enjoy the passion that comes with makeup sex, but for many couples, the fighting is so bad they can’t even get to that phase.

If you’ve been fighting with your significant other a lot and it doesn’t seem to be letting up, you need to take a step back to take a look at the bigger picture.

Is it something salvageable that can be worked through in counseling (more on this later)? Or are you disagreeing over things that are so serious that you can’t see your relationship lasting?

If it’s the former, then you’ll want to sit down and have a good chat with your partner. You should try and do this when both of you are calm and can have a constructive conversation. Suggest counseling; if they’re up for it, then that’s a very good sign.

If it’s the latter, then it may be time to part ways, as difficult as that may be. Some people think that just because they’ve invested years into a relationship that they need to stay and make it work. But that’s just a sunk cost fallacy and in reality, you’ll be much happier once you end the relationship.

For those who do decide to close this chapter in their lives, you don’t necessarily have to jump into a new relationship. Even if you’re casually dating, the relief from the breakup and the newness of being with new people will naturally boost your libido. 

Try Natural Supplements

You’re definitely not the only man in the world suffering from low libido. There are plenty who are struggling with the same issue, which means there are people who are listening to your problems and catering to this niche.

There are many companies out there who have done their research and have created products that contain exactly what you need to boost your libido. These usually come in the form of capsules that contain natural ingredients like ginseng, zinc, ginger, and cayenne.

So instead of separately incorporating all these libido-boosting ingredients into your diet, you can get your daily dose of them in one convenient pill. Of course, results aren’t guaranteed, but it wouldn’t hurt to try, so long as you make sure you’re buying from a reputable company.

Websites such as sell natural libido enhancers in discreet ways so you don’t have to worry about walking into a store and purchasing these types of products. If you feel self-conscious and embarrassed about buying libido enhancers, then online is definitely the way to go.

Go to Counseling

If you’re having serious issues in your relationship, it’s always beneficial to have a neutral third party listen and guide you through them. This is especially true when it’s someone who’s trained to handle these issues and give you effective ways of communication and problem-solving.

Having a safe space to speak your mind may surprise both of you. There may have been some things you were afraid to say, but feel more comfortable voicing in counseling. And the same goes for your significant other.

Going to counseling can bring you closer together and vastly improve your sex life as a result. You’ll have valuable life tools for handling relationship conflicts in the future. Even if you have the perfect relationship, counseling can still be beneficial for this reason.

You can also benefit from counseling if you have mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, or even sexual trauma from the past. The professional can help you work through these distressing things to identify triggers.

Together, you can work on what’s impacting your libido and find healthy ways to deal with them. It can be daunting to address these issues, but once you do, you’ll find both relief and peace, which will pave the way to a better sex drive.

Use These Natural Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

Now you have several natural ways to increase your sex drive. Do keep in mind that not all methods will work for every man, plus results will vary depending on your unique physiological makeup and mental health.

Always remember to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and keep your weight in a normal range. By doing the best you can to look after yourself, you’ll help your body regain its interest in sex.

However, never be afraid to consult with your doctor. Many times, a low libido that’s persistent can be a sign of something else at hand. By having an open and honest discussion with your doctor, you can get to the root of any health issues, address them, and improve your quality of life.

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