Gun Enthusiasm for those Who Can’t Own Guns

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Gun enthusiasts are prevalent in different parts of the world. Historically, the very first guns took the form of bamboo fire lances implemented by the Chinese. By 1320, cannons were used all around the European continent. It gave way to the invention of the french arquebus ‒ the first reliable handgun.

Centuries later, mankind has always used guns for different means. It is a construct for country defense, warfighting, self-defense, and shooting sports. There’s this x-factor about guns that people just enjoy.

Gun Enthusiasm and Various Technologies

Today, many countries are testing several gun platforms. Guns have taken up different forms since their very initial inception. Modern guns are known as automatic rifles, marksman rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and pistols. The evolution of gun bullets started from gunpowder filled barrels to bullet-firing cartridges.

The accuracy of guns has also advanced alongside the development of different mechanisms. For example, modern rifles use reflex sights, collimator sights, scopes, or raw iron sights. Even short range handguns enable the installation of additional sights with variable reflex sights for improved accuracy while shooting.

Guns may also take the form of cannons. Recently, the United States Navy has tested the railgun. A high-velocity gun that fires a singular round without the need for gunpowder. It is extremely diabolical and powerful with enhanced precision. The railgun derives its power from huge amounts of electricity to initiate propulsive mechanisms. 

The basic yet modernized design of guns have gathered several worldwide enthusiasts. Designing and manufacturing gun parts alongside their assembly tends to be a hobby of technical individuals. Although guns have a bad reputation to the civilian populace, their existence still enables the protection of billions.

Guns are one of the most destructive tools that mankind has invented. These devices are built and designed to eliminate foes of different biologies. However, guns can still be related to protection and safety and depends entirely on its application.  

Gun Enthusiasm for People who don’t Own guns

Gun enthusiasm is a technically related trait amongst people. Even women enjoy the firepower and safety measures a gun can provide. Not all people have the resources to purchase or maintain guns. Other people might live in strict countries, while other people might be underage, or just your common gun geek.

Take note that firing a gun for the first time can shock the heck out of you. It is why people who want to own them should attend proper training. These educational sessions can teach them how to control themselves, properly maintain and manage a gun, and correctly implement its correct usage when the necessity arrives.

Substitutes for Gun Enthusiasts


Airsoft guns are exact replicas of real gun designs. A typical airsoft gun fires a bb bullet 5-6mm in size. These bullets are lightweight but still carry a miniature punch upon impact. Airsoft guns can somehow substitute the enthusiasm of gun lovers. They provide the same avenues for construction and assembly. 


Paintball is an extremely enjoyable shooting sport. Paintball guns deploy the use of gas or air canisters. A basic gun trigger mechanism is installed along with the bullet chamber, barrel, business end, and magazine. 

The typical magazine of paintball guns are presented in cylindrical tubes or cases. These cases are then filled with spherical paintball bullets filled with luminescent paint. Playing paintball requires players to wear reliable body armor. It includes sporting helmets and visors that provide a clear view of the playing field.

Air Guns

Air Guns are quite comparable to airsoft guns. These guns utilize the need for air propulsion. It may utilize different air tanks such as CO2 cartridges. Some airguns are spring or pump propelled. The size of some air guns may take the form of marksman rifles, automatic rifles, or even handguns.

Airguns were first invented during the gunpowder age as an accurate substitute to muskets. The first sniper units fought in the battlefield with airguns or rode hot air balloons to shoot enemies from a vantage point. Today, airguns use miniature metallic bullets and are popular among kids and teens. These guns can also be used for small game hunting.


Gun enthusiasts can still enjoy their hobby with a few desirable options. These options may range from playing first person shooting games and outdoor activities. There are safer methods and substitutes for gun enthusiasts where they can still enjoy their technical passion.