Helldivers 2 and Homeworld 3: The Biggest Sci-Fi Games of 2024

Science fiction games are all the rage right now – earlier this year, Starfield was released to critical acclaim after years of anticipation. It’s inevitable that 2024 is going to see the arrival of some more sci-fi titles including the likes of Helldivers 2 and Homeworld 3, but what do each of them have to offer loyal sci-fi gamers?

What Is Helldivers 2 About?

This third-person shooter game sees you join an elite team of soldiers who travel the universe to deal with a variety of alien threats. You’re also going to have the option of changing to a first-person camera view if you prefer. Created by Arrowhead Game Studios for the PlayStation 5 and PC, it’s due for release in February 2024 and promises to deliver some gory battle scenes. Cooperation between the team of Helldivers is going to be crucial, as they need to be fully equipped and work together to take on the different alien forces they meet.

The original Helldivers game is a top-down shooter that was released in 2015 and praised for its cooperative play and chaotic combat sequences. It was given great reviews, including a rating of 9/10 stars by IGN, who loved the highly varied missions and tactical points. The new game will hopefully improve on it with a larger map and different viewpoints, but to date, there haven’t been a lot of details revealed about what exactly we can expect from the gameplay in the new game.

The Details of Homeworld 3

This is set to be a 3D real-strategy game set in space, also set for a February release, with https://www.space.com/everything-we-know-about-homeworld-3 mentioning that it’s only going to be available for PC gamers initially. Homeworld 3 is a Blackbird Interactive offering and will be released by Gearbox Software. Solo play is going to be a crucial part of the game, as it will include a big campaign mode, but the new co-op mode with roguelike characteristics is expected to add to the appeal for players who enjoy playing with other humans in their team.

The Homeworld franchise began in 1999. Relic Entertainment created the original, which was based on the mission for the Kushan people exiled from the planet Kharak – the objective was to reclaim their planet. Homeworld 2 was brought out in 2003, but the series then suffered a long period of inactivity with just a spin-off, Deserts of Kharak, released in 2016.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the series has lost momentum, especially when compared to Helldivers, whose first game is still popular online.

Other Sci-Fi Games and Trends

Nine Sols, Pragmata, and Level Zero are among the other big sci-fi games due in 2024, with each taking a different approach to the genre. Unsurprisingly, the diversification of sci-fi has been one of the key factors in its growth and something we expect to see a lot more of in 2024 and beyond.

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We can see this genre becoming more popular in areas such as board games and card games, too. Any list of the top sci-fi games of all time should probably include the likes of Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Nemesis, and Terraforming Mars. These games transport us to a different part of the universe while featuring gameplay that ranges from resource management to team strategies and huge space battles. As we’ve covered here at https://www.modernman.com/entertainment/gaming-and-sports/ before, gamification and the blockchain are also likely to affect how we enjoy sci-fi action in the future.

Helldivers 2 or Homeworld 3 are at the helm of the 2024 sci-fi game releases, but we anticipate many, many more titles to come. Based on all indications so far, the sci-fi genre is set for more growth in the years to come.