Help! I’m A Graduate Moving Back In With My Parents

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You’ve graduated from college, and now you’ve got to face the harsh reality of moving back in with your parents. Latest figures show that 28% of college students who have recently graduated return to their parents’ abode. But after spending four years in your student accommodation, leaving your washing on the floor and eating the food you want, how do you cope with your parents breathing down your neck again?

Get a job

The Balance reports that it takes the average graduate six months to secure a job after graduating from college. Meanwhile, research shows graduates are most likely to secure a job between April and June. So, it’s best to start applying now. Not only will landing yourself a job give you the opportunity to get out of your parents’ hair for a bit, but it will allow you to support yourself. From there, you’ll be in a position to manage the expenses from your further education, such as your student loan. The average student leaves college with $33,310 worth of debt, so the sooner you start earning, the quicker you’ll be able to pay it back and start saving for your own place.

Get to know each other again

You’ve been out of the family home for almost half a decade. You’ve met new people, tried new things and have bagged a degree in the process. And, in this time, you’ve become a different person, and may have even grown up a little bit. But your parents won’t necessarily have seen this. Rather than hiding out in your room every evening, consider sitting down and eating dinner with your parents while having a chat about your day. By doing this, it will give them the opportunity to get to know the man you’ve become. Meanwhile, you’ll find out how they’ve changed over the course of the past few years too.

Be assertive

In your parents’ eyes, you’re always going to be their little boy. But, you’re a man now, and you need to be assertive when you move back in. Make it clear that you appreciate them welcoming you back into their home, but your personal space needs to be respected. And while it can be tempting to let your mom do your washing and cooking for you, explain that you’ve stood on your own two feet for years and can do these things for yourself now.

Pay your way

The average male graduate earns $50,200 per year, according to CNBC. Of course, a fair amount of these earnings will go towards paying back your student debt and enjoying nights out with your mates. But, while you’re living under your parents’ roof, make the effort to pay them a little rent. If you’re not yet earning a decent wage, pay your way in alternative methods, such as mowing the lawn, washing the car, and cleaning the garage.

You probably never imagined moving back in with your parents after graduating from college. But you can rest assured that it’s more common than you think. What’s more, these handy tips will ensure its a smooth transition.