Honda Syracuse: Great Reasons to Buy Yourself a Honda

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If you’re out hunting for a new car, you’re surely looking at the car’s safety, brand, and design. Of course, you also need to consider the primary use of your vehicle. If it’s for personal use at work, a smaller car may be perfect. Or if you’ve got a family, a bigger car that fits your whole family may be better.  

Whatever the purpose of your car is, you can find one with Honda here. Well, aside from its brand name, the following are great reasons why you should buy a Honda car in Syracuse: 

1. Performance 

One of the many reasons you should opt for a Honda car is its excellent performance. Honda is even one of the most considered long-lasting cars with astonishing speed. Some of its models have frighteningly quick acceleration and unrivaled handling.  

Also, Honda is comparable to a fast-premium Sedan and other race-car power. Some Honda can deliver 306 horsepower because it has a turbocharged 2.0 L inline-four engine. Some models can even go up to 60mph for 4.9 seconds. Others can even scream to 9000 rpm even when they don’t have a torque. Well, that’s Honda running!  

Honda is known for working still better when revving them up a million times, taking sharp curbs, bossing them around, or thrashing them on track. But even so, expect your car to still be  in excellent condition. 

2. Flexibility 

With Honda, you can drive a car that caters to all your needs. Unlike other vehicles that are only made for one function, Honda is flexible. Instead of buying a car because your family needs it, you can buy one that caters to your needs when you’re driving alone.  

For instance, you can choose a model that suit your lifestyle without sacrificing other functions. You can have a model that has a passenger or rear access, and seats that can fold down flat. In short, you can have a car with all the vital functions for every type of person.  

A Honda CR-V is one of your best choices if you want more interior space. Aside from its elegant and simple design, it has a luxurious and comfortable cabin. You can even choose from the three-engine options depending on your preference.  

Or if you want a powerful truck that can tow up to 5,000 pounds, but still runs fast, Honda’s Ridgeline is for you. Or choose Honda Civic and Fit, minivan, or HR-V depending on how small, or large you want your car is.  

3. Fuel Economy 

Aside from its flexibility, Honda cars can improve your gas mileage. Therefore, you can drive a high-quality and practical vehicle. Not only that, but Honda cars that are fuel-efficient are even eco-friendly. Some CR-V can also go full tank when crossing up to 450 miles. Imagine how much you can save up with this especially when you do a good engine maintenance.  

Since Honda has lines of hybrid and diesel cars, you can have a vehicle with an electric engine and petrol. If you’re driving long miles, then diesel Honda cars are more practical. But if your trips are mostly short, then a hybrid is better.  

Most car manufacturers are now using technologies to make their engine run with less fuel. And one of them is Honda. The majority of the new Honda models are fuel-efficient. However, fuel-efficiency is affected by features, weight, and various grades of the car.  

When you use fuel-efficient cars, you’re decreasing your fuel bills. That’s why Honda can be a great way to keep your car expenses at an affordable rate. 

4. Safety 

Since Honda is committed to keeping its customers safe, expect that safety features reign in their cars. Especially that Honda utilized technologies to manufacture more reliable cars. By using Honda, you can expect the following safety features to keep you from being in a road accident even when you think you’re driving safe

  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW) – This system alerts the driver of a potential collision via audible and visual warning. When your distance with the front car is decreasing, it’ll automatically alarm if your speed may cause an accident. If yes, then you’ll see flashes or sounds to hit your brakes.  
  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) – With this system, you can expect that a message for you to steer when you’re drifting away will pop.  
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) – You usually use cruise control during highway trips. With ACC, you can enjoy cruise control in light traffic by letting you set up the desired speed. However, it’ll also maintain an interval, especially when a car’s ahead of you. 


Honda Syracuse offers a variety of benefits to drive and enjoy your journeys. First is its performance, which lets you accelerate while keeping your vehicle in its prime condition. Honda is flexible and suits every lifestyle. Moreover, you can drive around with fuel-efficient Honda car that’ll lessen your fuel expenses.  

Lastly, its safety features are superb that lets you avoid road accidents. So what are you thinking? Book your Honda Syracuse Now!!!