How Do Women Want You To Groom?

forrest gump beard

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you Brazilian waxes are awful. (My waxist gives me a hug to try and comfort me at the end of my appointments, no lie.) So as much as I would like to even the playing field and have you suffer as well, the truth is that women not in porn flicks usually find it extremely disturbing when a dude’s area is completely bald. “Shaving or waxing the pubes completely is unacceptable,” says Allison. “It makes me think he’s trying too hard or is a weirdo who loves staring at his naked crotch.” However, wild bush is just as unacceptable, so use trimmers or scissors — just be careful with that thing — to keep the jewels neat and trim.

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There is a reason Bradley Cooper did a whole lot of nothing for us in Wedding Crashers, then invaded our dreams after the Hangover — dude was rocking some seriously sexy facial scruff when he hung out with the Wolfpack. “My fiancé has to shave during the week for work, but he takes a break from it on the weekends.” says Jennifer. “By Sunday night I want to jump him.” Full-blown Zach Galifianakis beard is more of an acquired taste, but a two- or three-day-old stubble is the ultimate lady-nip.