We Explain The Awful Term “Manscaping”

what is manscaping

What Exactly Is Manscaping?

What is manscaping? Well, due to popular usage, the moronic term “manscaping” is part of our vernacular. It’s sad but true. To paraphrase the definition: removing or trimming your body hair in order to look less like a Wookie and more like a tidy human member of the male species. Basically, you trim, buzz, or snip away hair to eliminate a bush around your package, a forest around your chest, and the rug on your back.

We’ve seen no scientific study to support claims that manscaping either hurts or helps a guy get laid, although we can’t imagine a woman getting all hot and bothered by seeing a Burt Reynolds-style layer of fur on your chest, stomach, back, or nutsack. But what do we know?

So for those who buy into the manscaping trend — and we have, although we simply call it ‘upkeep” — here are a few tips for your brows, chest, pits, and down there.

manscaping eyebrows

We don’t expect you to stare at yourself in a mirror and pinpoint every stray hair. But if you’re sporting a unibrow or Andy Rooney’s bushy brows, carve out 15 minutes and take care of the problem.

The Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer ($20 @ Amazon.com) comes with two eyebrow combs and a beard comb. Its Protec Tube technology was engineered to eliminate pulls and nicks. Essentially, it’s an all-in-one trimmer, but if you use it in places like your nose and around your coin purse, don’t use it on your face.

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